Community Moderation Released.

We've updated the site earlier today and released the new Community Moderation features and the counter-based monthly download limits.

How do you vote on pending blends?

  1. To vote on a pending blend you must first have a published blend on the site.
  2. Visit the pending blends index and download a blend, these don't get subtracted from your monthly allowance so go right ahead and try it.
  3. When the download is sent your way and after a few seconds, the popup will change into a voting screen.
  4. Please take a minute or two to review the blend from inside Blender and then click one of the voting buttons on the voting popup.
  5. The blend will be promoted to the main index when it reaches 5 points or rejected when it reaches -3 points.

Community Moderation FAQ.

Who gets to vote on blends?

Users who have shared at least one blend on the site get to vote on the pending blends.

Do we get these downloads counted off our monthly allowance?

Not if you're a voting member, that is if you have at least one published blend on the site. Users who haven't shared anything on the site will get these downloads counted down in their monthly allowance.

Do we get something back when moderating blends?

Yes! You get a new download added to your bonus download every 10 votes on blends. Unlike the normal download limits, these bonus downloads don't expire until used, so you can get some more blends should you run out of monthly allowance.

Counter-based download limits FAQ

How many downloads do I get every month?

Free, non-sharing users get a baseline of 20 downloads a month, sharing members get one more download per shared blend, up to 20 extra downloads, for an absolute maximum of 40 downloads a month.

Are Associate Members affected by the changes?

No, Associate and Deadline Members still get unlimited downloads. Non sharing Associate Members can't vote on blends though. this is reserved for people who contribute to the site with assets.

I hope this clears some questions you may have, if you have more questions, please leave them below and I'll answer them as soon as possible!


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