Image Cropping

Ok so as many of you might have noticed, there are a lot of models that are getting cropped with no heads. Why is this? because I think it's amusing.... NO! Blendswap automatically crops images to a 475px x 300px which if my math is right, is a 19x12 ratio. So if you don't want the heads of your models cut off, I would suggest placing the head and shoulders in the middle of your final render. This way you  know your characters head will end up in the preview picture. Secondly, open Gimp or Photoshop or your favorite image editing software and crop the image to 475px x 300px before uploading to Blendswap and you will know exactly what your picture will look like once it is processed through the site.

I know this sucks and I'm working on a solution where you will be able to crop the image on the submit page. These things take time and money so until then, I think your best bet is to crop your image before you upload. If you've already uploaded an image and it's crop wrong, the easiest thing to do now is to reupload the model with the proper cropping if you want it changed. At the end of the Title for your model put -RE-UP and I will get them switched out. Again I am looking at changing this so that you can alter anything about what you've uploaded, like the name, image, blend, etc. At this point it is not possible, but it is being researched and will be developed when possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys/girls. The sites still young and I'm trying to work out all the growing pains, so thanks for being patient. matthew/mofx

Edited January 26, 2013 by mofx


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