Peterbilt 359 Staff Pick

  • February 13, 2013
  • Blender 2.6x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: thomaswornall
  • License: CC-0
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Another model I built to have for quick easy images to use without any copyright issues. Based on a Peterbilt 359 i am not sure how accurate it is


  • oldtimer profile picture

    Also neither I have enough knowledge to say what is wrong or missing. Je, je.. But I can for sure tell you that the model looks great. Never mind details. Regards.

    Written February 13, 2013
  • thomaswornall profile picture


    Edited February 13, 2013
  • BlenderBach profile picture

    Gromit! These aren't the right trousers! XD

    Written April 23, 2019
  • danbowkley profile picture

    The wheels are a little off; I'll post a bunch of detailed pics of mine in a little while if you want. Though I'm in a Kenworth T660 right now, a lot of the parts are the same.

    Written February 13, 2013
  • thomaswornall profile picture

    i look forward to seeing them

    Written February 13, 2013
  • danbowkley profile picture

    I can't figure out an elegant way to link directly to that one post, but I just uploaded a whole bunch of tire and wheel pics.

    An older truck like the 359 would almost certainly use regular dual tires on the drive and trailer axles instead of the wide singles I have on mine; a dual just has the rims mounted back to back so you'd only have to model one rim one time. The tire treads are different though, so if you want it reeeeeeally perfect you'd need to do three different tread patterns. Personally, I'm nowhere near that persnickety but ya never know.

    Edited February 15, 2013
  • thomaswornall profile picture

    i never noticed the tires were different widths. i just cheated and duplicated the front left

    Written February 17, 2013
  • FayZee profile picture

    Dan, in the top right corner of each Google+ post frame is a triangle. Click on it for the Options menu, then select "Link to post" to get the link address. So the direct link to your photos is:

    Written February 25, 2013
  • irfanshahunity profile picture

    osama kie waja sy guzara karta hun .. warna ghusa aaya taa . i mean nothing in this model just bulshit.!! :)

    Written November 09, 2015
  • Morichalion profile picture

    Excellent work! I love it!

    Incidentally, I'm working on a project for a client. Your truck here is gonna save me so much time!

    Written March 07, 2016
  • smitje profile picture

    Thanks for your generosity in shareing this model.

    I must be doing something wrong or have some strange setting, It loads and renders fine but as soon as I navigate away from the camera view I don't see anything any more. (eg. turn off perspective, front or side view or rotate the view with the mouse, whatever I do I don't see anything, until I go back to camera view.) Anyone have any Idea where to look?

    Cheers Smitje (Blender 2.78 on linux Mint)

    Written October 10, 2017
  • CattleDorn! profile picture

    Thank you

    Written November 14, 2021