Cookie Flex Rig Staff Pick

  • December 12, 2012
  • Blender 2.6x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: cgcookie
  • License: CC-BY
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The Cookie Flex Rig was created by Nathan Vegdahl, Beorn Leonard, and Jonathan Williamson, based on an initial design by David Revoy. The rig is designed for maximum flexibility, with numerous controls for body shape, facial features and a small library of clothing and hairstyles. It’s intended to provide a great resource for learning and testing character animation in Blender.


  • the blend3 profile picture
    the blend3

    I have been wanting this! Thank you so much!!!!

    Edited December 12, 2012
  • bisketashwin profile picture

    Hay this is FK to IK swapping script you may need it

    Written June 29, 2013
  • PeeDee76 profile picture

    complicated rigs are usually the cause of an interested noob losing hope and thinking "ill never learn this, its too complicated for me", This rig looks like it will be the one that motivates the next nathan veghdal maybe??? who knows. thanks for sharing looks great and user friendly

    Edited December 13, 2012
  • stendardo profile picture

    You should buy the DVD "Blender Animation Toolkit" by Beorn Leonard and Nathan Vegdahl. It tells you everything you need to know about using this rid in order to make an animation.

    Edited March 16, 2013
  • MythicalMusic profile picture

    I found out about this blend from reading about that dvd :D, it looks really good

    Edited March 01, 2014
  • PhilMacRae profile picture

    I love this! This was worth the anticipation.

    Edited December 13, 2012
  • bisketashwin profile picture

    Hay this is FK to IK swapping script you may need it

    Edited June 29, 2013
  • windturbineupload profile picture

    so true

    Written September 13, 2013
  • sonny profile picture

    CG Cookie ROCKS! Thanks for this Nathan, Beorn, Jonathan, and David!

    Edited December 13, 2012
  • chagas1983 profile picture

    Fantastic! No comments! Simply the best!

    Edited December 14, 2012
  • bisketashwin profile picture

    Hay this is FK to IK swapping script you may need it

    Written June 29, 2013
  • batwombat profile picture

    i would like it if there was a more in depth intuction manuel for this because i loaded it and could not figure out how the thing works

    Written December 15, 2012
  • freen profile picture

    The rig was created for the "Blender Animation Toolkit" series from CG Cookie:

    Edited December 15, 2012
  • saif18 profile picture

    Thanks. :D

    Written December 15, 2012
  • kevin_rocker_lake profile picture

    gold star!

    Written December 16, 2012
  • KETRO1979 profile picture


    Written December 19, 2012
  • ayim profile picture

    thanks!!! :) gold STAR!!

    Written December 27, 2012
  • salva profile picture

    Is an audio? I double click to open it and it opens up my transcription software....??? Help please

    Written January 08, 2013
  • freen profile picture

    It's a zipped up archive file, containing textures and a blend.

    Edited February 05, 2013
  • quiestsun profile picture

    Thanks !!!

    A rig with a few face rigs ready to test; I got to give it a try!

    Written January 08, 2013
  • kofo profile picture

    Great works thanks

    Edited January 08, 2013
  • bisketashwin profile picture

    Hay this is FK to IK swapping script you may need it

    Written June 29, 2013
  • blenderslender67 profile picture


    Written January 19, 2013
  • ILoveBlenderToolkit profile picture

    Great Blender Animation Toolkit, thank you very much! It looks interesting and fun.. Thanks for the Blender team because making the animation program! :) :) I LOVE BLENDER ANIMATION TOOLKIT!

    Edited January 19, 2013
  • freen profile picture

    The idea is that the rig is flexible enough to make many characters, including the one in the image above. Check out the character variation controls (to the right of the main rig). There are some example characters in the pose library.

    Written January 30, 2013
  • wengzy profile picture

    yes! this is great, thanks

    Written February 02, 2013
  • DewinStarr profile picture

    This is like totally awesome. been waiting for sumdin like this. Now i just have to figure out how to work with and animate my items i made over on Sketchup Any video tutorial suggestions please. ty.

    Written February 12, 2013
  • sdb7 profile picture


    Written February 18, 2013
  • bjh5589 profile picture

    This is a fantastic rig but, may I ask you a question? How can I append my character in another scene, ore use two characters in the same scene?

    Written February 23, 2013
  • pddring profile picture

    Brilliant-thank you!

    Written March 01, 2013
  • bisketashwin profile picture

    Thanks for great stuff. in ik fk switch over there is no option to swap pose

    Written March 02, 2013
  • bisketashwin profile picture

    ik fk swap script

    Edited March 04, 2013
  • freen profile picture

    Hi Ashwin, Thanks for that! We didn't get around to adding an IK/FK switch. I'm looking into you script now. Maybe we can incorporate it in a future version.

    Thanks again!

    Written March 28, 2013
  • cpmodeling profile picture

    You guys rock I can't imagine the big expensive 3D packages having a supporting community even close to what you guys and gals provide for blender. Thank You

    Edited March 04, 2013
  • samuraidave1 profile picture

    Awesome super cool!!!! I love Blender CG cookie and the tutorials are very informative and well presented.

    Written March 08, 2013
  • Hammers profile picture

    Amazing flexibility in the character variations - Wow. IK FK switch will be great - this could be the goto rig for animation learning! I'd also love to see some clothes options that aren't quite so ... er... clingy on the girls' boobs. Not sure how you made these though. Shrinkwrap?

    Please keep up the fab work!

    Written April 08, 2013
  • bisketashwin profile picture

    Hay this is FK to IK swapping script you may need it

    Written June 29, 2013
  • gulliverplus profile picture

    i tried to install on blender 2.66 and i go to install addon and not working... is it a bug whith my version?

    Written April 15, 2013
  • elwood profile picture


    Written May 22, 2013
  • pguide09 profile picture

    ...a very BIG Thank you !!!! :)

    Written July 12, 2013
  • oiseau profile picture

    Thank You! I've been searching for this everywhere

    Edited August 04, 2013
  • PassPose profile picture

    I can't seen to get this working in 2.8 (windows 64) any one else having this issue? Mesh loads but is collapsed on it self.

    Edited August 16, 2013
  • AyoubM profile picture

    I guess its a bug in 2.68, I have the same problem (w32)

    Edited August 24, 2013
  • PictorSomni profile picture

    It works, In the top bar of blender (just at the right hand side of the renderer list, it says "Autorun disabled..."), you have 2 buttons. If you click the first one ("Reload Trusted"), it will appears. ;)

    Edited August 26, 2013
  • freen profile picture

    Yeah, this is to do with the new security measures in Blender. PictorSomni's comment is spot on. This rig uses a lot of python code, so it needs to be loaded as a "trusted" file.

    Edited September 04, 2013
  • PassPose profile picture

    Thanks worked like a charm.

    Edited September 05, 2013
  • s1n86d profile picture

    fantastic thanks

    Written September 03, 2013
  • mrichmond profile picture

    Hi guys, I've tried loading this on the most recent Blender releases for Mac 64 bit and Windows 32 Bit, this tool looks amazing and I would really appreciate some help getting this to load properly. Thanks!

    Written September 07, 2013
  • mrichmond profile picture

    Forgot to mention I am on a late 2011 MacBookPro with 16gb of ram and AMD graphics card.

    Written September 07, 2013
  • mrichmond profile picture

    "Reload trusted" Awesome!

    Written September 07, 2013
  • pianodavy profile picture

    Thanks, you guyz!

    Written September 24, 2013
  • funbob14 profile picture

    dude i love this because its so easy to learn thank soooo much!!!!

    Written September 25, 2013
  • Digitante profile picture

    Apparently, it does not work in Blender 2.68. I don't understand what's wrong with it. I have kind of a weird little wadded up ball of meshes and no character as such.

    It says "Tested in 2.67". You might need to check and see what's up in 2.68.

    I was confused and wondering what was going on, until I accidentally opened it in 2.63, and saw that there is supposed to be a sample character model there.

    Looking forward to learning this and trying it out -- seems like a great idea and contribution to the community. Thanks!

    Written January 30, 2014
  • petriffer profile picture

    Did an animation with this fantastic Rig. character Walkcycle

    Check it out on Youtube:

    Written April 04, 2014
  • TheMachete profile picture

    Is it me or is the download broken?

    Written June 29, 2014
  • Raphavok profile picture

    This is really awesome! Thank you so much :) Btw, is it ok to use it commercially if attribution is given?

    Edited July 24, 2014
  • YummyAnimations profile picture

    It Says you can't Use rig commercially (For TV ads) no Matter WHAT, so I don't Think so.

    Written October 18, 2014
  • YummyAnimations profile picture

    File Damaged... Can't Open :/

    Written October 18, 2014
  • topmybiz profile picture

    good job

    Written November 15, 2014
  • videospuger profile picture

    Thanks for sharing! Does this work with blender 2.72?

    Written December 04, 2014
  • GEHco profile picture

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to try this rig out :)

    Written January 12, 2015
  • antonvdh profile picture

    Anyone know why it is still possible to edit the cookie flex rig when linked into a new scene.

    Written February 14, 2015
  • TheMachete profile picture

    Maybe its script base that allows you to. So you can rename for instancing or duplication. Not fully sure though.

    Written February 17, 2015
  • TheMachete profile picture

    I guess I'll have to get the DVD or go to cgcookie to find out how to use the pose lib when the armature is linked. Clicking the MakeLocal doesn't work. Everything is still blocked out

    Written February 17, 2015
  • TheMachete profile picture

    Nvm. Link in actions and go into the action editor. Make the pose libraries local after that. The characters are awesome!

    Written February 17, 2015
  • jorge2985 profile picture
    Written March 29, 2015
  • LightTransmission profile picture

    Thank you for this! I am new to Blender and I got the Animation Toolkit. I wanted to make a cat girl, so I used the rig to start and then I edited the model, removed the ears and reshaped them to cat ears and attached them higher on the head and some other stuff. The problem is that she only looks the way I wanted in Edit Mode. When I go to Object Mode, or when i render a picture, the changes doesn't show. Can anyone help me to make this work??

    Written June 07, 2015
  • IMValle profile picture

    Thank you very much!

    Written July 19, 2015
  • Gari profile picture


    Written September 14, 2015
  • haniapik profile picture


    Written October 11, 2015
  • cgmex profile picture

    how can i learn to do a rig like this, i mean with the make human model, then adding clothes and props hair, etc, is that coming in the DVD? can this be the pipe line?: Send the Makehuman mesh to blender; rig it in blender and save it as blender file, Create a new character in Makehuman and export it to blender and save it as blender file, open the the first makehuman blend file, then apend the second character and place it in pose library (this i don't know how t do it), so on and so forth... the morphs can be applied to the first one only or to every single character? how about the hair, props , clothes, etc?. any help would be appreciate!!

    Written December 15, 2015
  • Xvidia101 profile picture

    Good job dude

    Written April 02, 2016
  • fufus profile picture

    how much do i have to pay so i can use it in my project and sell???pls tell there also a tutorial of how to create this from scratch??

    Written May 13, 2016
  • janmatys profile picture

    U need only to leave credits to CG Cookie and U R set and ready to sell what U want I think (but to be sure PLZ write to CG Cookie).

    Anyone tried to convert/remade this to working with Blender 2.7x? I have 2.76 and 2:77 and after opening the file I only see some deformed mesh...

    Written June 17, 2016
  • fufus profile picture

    user pref..i think auto python check

    Written August 25, 2016
  • fikri221 profile picture

    if you allowing, Can I use your character rig for my animation project?

    Written January 10, 2017
  • jblock profile picture

    i have been making my own characters for a wile now but now i don't need to!!!

    Written January 03, 2018
  • jblock profile picture

    thank you so much

    Written January 03, 2018
  • 18JSnyder profile picture

    This was really good. Thank you for this awesome rig

    Written May 01, 2018
  • 18JSnyder profile picture

    Truly well done. Thank you very much

    Written May 02, 2018
  • bimalhessa profile picture

    This character is awesome. Lighting and the rig too is nice. Thanks for sharing. Thank you!!

    Written October 18, 2018
  • davaro profile picture

    I love this rig but have a problem, I can get the eyes rendered in eevee. Does anyone know how to fix that?

    Written November 02, 2019
  • Rafał Kania profile picture
    Rafał Kania

    same problem. pls anybody help?

    Written November 28, 2019
  • Rafał Kania profile picture
    Rafał Kania

    same problem. pls anybody help?

    Written November 28, 2019
  • ttrc profile picture

    Same problem, Eyes looking transparent in rendered image in evee. Please help

    Written January 16, 2020
  • Dippan poudel profile picture
    Dippan poudel

    its not an exact solution but the way i use is do viewport rendering

    Written April 04, 2020
  • Faris profile picture

    Is this compatible with the version 2.80? Can i use it?

    Written December 01, 2019
  • JuanDiaz1974 profile picture

    I downloaded it but in version 2.81 is not working... well the rig controls do work but the character selector does not. :( and the script mentioned in the GC Cookie site does not appear.

    Written January 03, 2020