For Anime - Vintage

  • August 23, 2022
  • Blender 2.9x
  • Render: EEVEE
  • Creator: MariusOberholster
  • License: CC-0
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This idea has been coming for a long time. A while ago, the VHS filters really gained popularity and while I loved the idea, I felt like anime doesn't have the worst of the worst of VHS issues to deal with (apart from niche shows that only exist on VHS after their initial airings). I also came to hear of shows that have intentionally went for a more vintage look, Spy X Family being one, and I wanted to add my two cents to the mix as well.

So, with that in mind, I present to you my own aging filter, which I call vintage, because that is what it's inspired by, vintage, as I like to call it, anime.

What is in the box: - Side smear A lot of these older systems and compositeRGB setups had a tendency to smear everything to the right of the screen - very important to sell the look! You get two controls for this one - smear influence and smear strength. The first is how strong the effect is visually, and the latter is how long the smear will be. Leaving it at 20 should suffice - if anything, influence will be the control you would be likely to adjust. - Rainbow comb Fine details and high contrast got this rainbow running over it - my guess is it was frequency noise, since high detail or high contrast is high frequency ito picture waves. These got filtered out with the redesign of the composite system, but is still present in various forms of cheaper hardware for things like HD to RCA, for example. - Soft Grain and frame movement A lot of anime (and TV programs in general) have traditionally been archived on film. This means some film artifacts are to be expected. These are less obvious at TV resolution (PAL or NTSC), so they are subtle here too. The frame movement is also rather slow, so as not to be distracting. - Chromatic Aberration Not a huge fan of this and it's fairly rare to have it break up like water or lenses do (if ever, you know that RGB rainbow edge, not the comb), so I tried to have a morphed version of it, to just kinda fuzzy up the color layers a bit. - Off-Black If your TV was tuned like mine, for easy-watching, your blacks would never have been at 0, but somewhere around 0.01 (in blender values), so I added a little bit of brightness to lift the black level a bit. - Hue Offset This did not affect everything, let's be honest, but many older shows had this slight yellowing vibe, especially the ones saved on VHS and later converted to digital. In Blender, the hue offset is VERY sensitive, so this setting has been adjusted, but even with some testing, I turned it down even more. So we're looking at around a hundredth of a blender unit's worth of adjustment max! To make it easier for you, I boiled it down to a max of 2 (yellow) and minimum of -2 (redder). Please compare to the original footage as you adjust this one! It's VERY subtle for a reason!

This is an emphasis and story tool and quite a cool one at that! Heck, it's even useful for non-anime stuff! Use it on whatever you think it'll be useful! I just designed it specifically for a vintage look for your anime cartoons or elements in them.

Uses: - Archival footage in-show - Creating an entire show that is supposed to look a bit old, like the rubber-hose animation style for example. - Nostalgia driven music videos or doccies - Just adding some old-vibes to pictures or family movies for a project - This can be useful for doing a show on older games or older setups, and if you can't find footage or have the equipment to make it, this can at least create an idea of what it looked like.

Have an awesome day! GOD bless!


  • salamota profile picture

    what is tihs file?

    Written October 31, 2022
  • MariusOberholster profile picture

    It's a filter to add a little bit of a retro feel to the footage, similar to old taped shows, but not overdone like most filters. It's dialed back to match older, typical composite-in for CRT TV's. It even sports combing in high-contrast areas. I'd have loved to add a better example, but you can still see the color smear and some combing around the brows and lashes. Download it and throw some clips at it! :D

    Written November 01, 2022