For Anime - Motion Smear - Multiples

  • February 28, 2022
  • Blender 2.9x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: MariusOberholster
  • License: CC-0
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Hey all!

I present to you my Motion Smear - Multiples nodegroup! The free version!

This one is for creating those motion smear effects you usually see in comics, where to suggest motion, multiples of the object/limb is drawn to create that motion blur-like effect. This one does a following and preceding drawing using the vector blur node.

  • Just look at the setup image - it's basically plug and play!
  • Make sure the edit and render quality for the compositor is set to low (see the difference for yourself)
  • Watch out for low detail objects that fill the screen - the vector pass uses vectors to generate motion
  • Watch out for overly fast rotation and motion at the same time - this can cause extra artifacts - just something to be aware of!

Most important thing - HAVE FUN! :D

I included an extra nodegroup to help you isolate specific objects for the multiples. The other groups were created just to clean up the wires a bit - feel free to explore them to learn more about outlines and how you can manipulate the nodegroup for various results!


  • vertigo_running profile picture

    VERY cool! Is there a way to make the smears translucent as well? Either way, thanks so much!

    Written March 03, 2022
  • MariusOberholster profile picture

    As odd as it is, I have not thought about that, as in at all, LOL. At this point, not without some serious modifications on the inside. What it does to fix the brightness that gets dimmed with alpha, is add it over itself. You can turn that off for the alpha channel and force transparency. If you got some solid experience with the compositor, you'll be able to find it very quickly - everything is labeled in function sections with frames.

    Written March 03, 2022
  • MariusOberholster profile picture

    Thank you for the compliment!! :D GOD bless you! :D

    Written March 03, 2022
  • nitish saswade profile picture
    nitish saswade

    Hello this is work in eevee? Because i use eevee

    Written December 26, 2022
  • MariusOberholster profile picture

    Unfortunately, not as far as I know. You need the vector pass in order for it to work. According to the rewrite progress - the Vector pass should be on it's way speedily! :D You can also combine engines, letting Cycles give you the vector pass and using Eevee for the visuals. You can follow general progress here:

    Written December 28, 2022