Seamless Procedural Noise UV

  • August 25, 2021
  • Blender 2.9x
  • Render: EEVEE
  • Creator: MariusOberholster
  • License: CC-0
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Got to share about this one very recently and I'm very happy to get to share it with you guys here!!

This seamless texture, consists of 6 textures to create this effect. 4 noise textures and 2 gradient textures to blend the noise textures when they're in the right positions for tiling,

Now, you can't make it tileable, if you don't blend the textures somewhere, or you would have simply shifted the seam. So they do have blending areas, but in the middle of the UV square, like cross hairs. Think of Gimp's Mapping feature. Like that, except, in the middle. I added a feature to distort this seam and make it vanish even more, so yay for that! :D

To make that seam vanish seamlessly (hehe), you duplicate the texture for itself using the color feature (see example image). Don't go too far with the intensity though. It's too much to even go beyond 0.4 tbh. Limit yourself to the default for the best result. For ease of use, I added an additional group with all those things setup called Global. The other one that is seamless, but use a gradient only, is called Single.

Adding these to your scene is very easy - you go FIle, Append, NodeTree and select the applicable setup you need: - Seamless Procedural Noise UV - Global - Contains two single nodes to distort the gradient texture for better seamlessness in animation - Seamless Procedural Noise UV - Single - Contains the seamless texture with gardient blending only

You can enter the Single's setup to adjust the blend area - it is clearly marked where you can edit the Ramps.

And that's all there is to it! Have fun!!

NOTE: It can be quite resource intensive on older computers. Baking is a fantastic option in your case.


  • soundsbeard profile picture

    epic! thank you!

    Written September 04, 2021
  • MariusOberholster profile picture

    Thank you so much!! You're very welcome!! :D

    Written September 05, 2021
  • Seug2 profile picture

    I do have one question, what is the point? I mean the noise texture is a procedural seamless noise in itself... What would you use this texture for?

    Written September 13, 2021
  • MariusOberholster profile picture

    When you unwrap objects to warp procedural textures, you need the procedural noise to be seamless in cases where the shape closes back on itself, or you still get a shockingly obvious seam. For example: - Fountains, where you have the noise flowing out from the center - My action backgrounds tutorial - the texture has to follow down a cone shape. - A water spout, water flowing along a shape that isn't supported well at all, by generated coordinates - doesn't go in two directions on the same axis. - Others would be wormhole, cave, sprinkler, grass, hedges, a vortex, tornado, etc. These are all non-linear shapes the bends and twist and sometimes even twist along their length - generated coordinates fail completely.

    Wherever uv's are warped and procedural noise is needed, this node group will be there. Wherever there is an animation in distress, that needs procedural textures to function where generated coordinates cannot, this setup will be there! Wherever models are exported to image formats for other programs that do not support procedural textures, this setup will save the day! It will go boldly where no procedural textures have gone before! lol.

    Seriously though, it's extremely useful in a production environment. :D

    Written September 13, 2021
  • spacelover141 profile picture

    Thank you for making this! Cylindrical meshes are hard to hide UVs on, so this is a big help!

    Written May 22, 2024
  • MariusOberholster profile picture

    You're very welcome!!! It and the NPR shaders are by far what I use the most! Glad it's helpful!!! :D

    Written May 22, 2024