Ashtray Italian Design Fan Art

  • September 05, 2020
  • Blender 2.8x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: SuperMonkey
  • License: CC-0
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A shape can be so beautiful that it transcends its functions. The ashtray designed by Gianfranco Frattini for Henraux is one of them. Here is rendered in 15 few materials made using simply some textures found directly on Henraux's website: - Natural Black (Granite) - Costa Smeralda (Granite) - Belvedere (Marble) - Bianco Cava (Marble) - Bianco Macchietta (Marble) - Carbon Gray (Marble) - Ocean Dune (Marble) - Sivec (Marble) - Tundra (Marble) - Vanilla (Marble) - Versilys (Marble) - Pietra Gray (Stone) - Pietra Stazzema (Stone) - Minerva White (Travertine) - Travertino Caesar (Travertine)

The textures have been manipulated to become tileable. The 3d is a mesh generated from a nurbs in Rhino (but it works pretty well).

ps: IMHO the materials can be easily improved. I needed a quick setup to fast change between image textures so i went for a less unbiased way. Also i usually use this kind of object as a filler in a scene, so i don't need too much detail.


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