EASY Blender to Unity workflow start file.

  • July 16, 2019
  • Blender 2.8x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: TheRuleOfMike
  • License: CC-0
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Notice: The latest versions of this project are available at GitHub This was necessary due to Blendswap limiting uploads to .blend files only.

WARNING: The files are only compatible with Blender 2.8. Baking is (currently) possible only using Cycles. To view the intended effect use Eevee.

ABOUT: I found myself in the need of simplifying the process of creating assets for the Unity Standard shader.

I've created a specific node-setup that emulates the shader and allows for easy baking by simply connecting a specific node group output and baking the diffuse color. The node group can also work as a preview for the Unity export - the functionality is nicely emulated (including detail maps).

Just create your model as you would normally do just use the node group for the materials on the high-poly mesh (duplicate the StartMaterial). View the "ExampleMaterial" on the "ExampleObjectsWithAtlas" for an easy introduction. Use the BakeMaterial on the low-poly mesh (the attached bake texture is 2048x2048).

Two blend files are attached: UnityRoughnessSetupBlenderStartFile.blend UnitySmoothnessSetupBlenderStartFile.blend

Thanks to the node group you can bake Albedo, Metallic, Roughness/Smoothness, Emission, Alpha Transparency, a Detail Mask and a Detail Mask with the Alpha channel of the Detail Albedo baked in to the mask. And obviously you can bake the Normal Map and Ambient Occlusion as usual.

What you CAN'T bake and preview is the Height Map due to the lack of this functionality in Cycles and Blender 2.8 overall. This function allegedly will come soon, and if it will I will implement this in a future version of the files.

I attach a variety of example baked textures - both for the ExampleMaterial and for the Unity export - and an fbx file to experiment with in Unity.

A file explaining the workflow in a little more detail is also attached.

I work with those files myself when developing for the Unity Standard shader. The Metallic workflow is however universal so if you are working with different engines like Unreal or Godot, this file can also be quite useful for you.

The Blend files come with two HDRI environments. Both files are CC0 and originate on the wonderful hdriheaven.com (I know I didn't need to attribute, but that's just an awesome site).

Contact me if you have any questions.

Follow me on:

Twitter: @TheRuleOfMike

Instagram: theruleofmike

Artstation: theruleofmike

DeviantArt: theruleofmike

More useful stuff and quite a lot of art coming soon.


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