Traditional Tea Ceremony Equipment

  • March 20, 2019
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: asterlil
  • License: CC-BY
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This is a group of items used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The collection does not include the textiles, traditional napkins that are used by participants, nor a couple of other things like an incense holder, as they aren't always used. All items are faithful to designs and styles found on the net.

The items are named in both Japanese and English, and are grouped and parented for easy access and manipulation.

Items include (see illustrated map in one of the images supplied): 1. Chawan -- tea cups; 2.Chabudai -- tea table; 3. Chashaku -- teaspoon or ladle; 4. Furo -- portable charcoal brazier used in warm seasons; 5. Futaoki -- rest for tools and the tea kettle lid; 6. Hishaku -- wooden ladle; 7. Kama -- tea kettle (paired with Furo); 8. Kensui -- waste water/tea receptacle; 9. Kyusu -- tea pot; 10. Matcha bamboo whisk; 11. Matcha Whisk Holder; 12. Mizusashi -- fresh water jug; 13. Natzume --tea caddy; 14. Ro -- Sunken hearth or fire pit, used in cold weather; 15. Ro Cover; 16.Shoji Lamp; 17. Tatami mats arranged in traditional layout.

Please note: The demo scene shows items that are NOT included in this blend. I did not make the original tea house or the XFrog plant. What you get is the 17 items listed above.

Textures shown but not included: tatamis --

I used ShaderMap 4 to create normal and displacement maps from the downloaded texture. You'll find the nodes in place already to insert your maps and textures. Just delete the stand-in diffuse function I stuck in there.

craquelure on water jug (displacement only) --

All wood textures came from this Blender Market product ($):

The other textures, seagulls and tatami border, are royalty-free.

The items are uv mapped so you can download and apply the textures with no tears.:)


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