glorious opulence star cruiser

  • April 29, 2018
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: thespacegamer
  • License: CC-BY
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I'm doing a spinoff project in blender 3d about a ship in the TNG era trek universe. This is the description I'm working on for it.

(The following is meant to be said in a Rod Serling voice.)

"Take 100% pure vanity and narcissism. Blend with egoism and season with delusions of grandeur and self preoccupation. Bake to a self perceived sense of self evident perfection in a gilded over heated by a blazing pyre of shameless self aggrandizement.

Now hold you nose, clench your jaw and had the resultant smug, arrogant, reeking mass of pomposity to a skilled shipwright with a sense of aesthetics and offer him whatever he wants to create a mobile, warp driven monument to it.

What you would get would be a Glorious Opulence class star cruiser, the perfect vehicle for those with an absolute knowledge that they are the crown jewels of existence and an irresistible compulsion to make sure everyone else knows it too.

The glorious opulence class was designed to appeal to those who have vast sums of money and no trace of any desire to spend it on anything but themselves. For those who believe they are entitled to be looked upon as superior people.

it features, naturally, the highest standards of luxury, for the owner and those he deems worthy. The actual crew are naturally granted far less grand accommodations concealed from the eyes of the more highly regarded.

Since being beamed down like a commoner or a bale of cargo, or taking a mere shuttle to a planet's surface is of course unthinkable for those who would own a glorious opulence the entire front section can detach and land on whatever world they current deign to grace with their exalted presence.

There are many option packages available for the glorious opulence. Windows can me many or few as some owners of this ship have a fear of those outside being able to look in. Escape pods are another option as many owners may consider them something that might encourage the crew not to do their utmost to save the ship in a crisis.

A glorious opulence can in an emergency reach warp 9 for some time but the engines will need to be heavily serviced thereafter. In an acknowledgement that many may see a glorious opulence and their owners ar targets of opportunity each one comes with a pair of what are jokingly referred to as probe launchers that can by no coincidence whatsoever launch a variety of black market ordnance.

Other options of varying illegality include stealth systems, black market cloaking devices and even phaser, disruptor, plasma etc. cannons tastefully concealed in pop turrets.

The hulls of glorious opulence star cruisers are usually decorated in a variety of styles ranging from the nearly tasteful to the hideously garish."

Owners of such ships tend to be of a far more homogeneous type, almost invariably selfish, arrogant, pompous and utterly self absorbed. People to whom obnoxious ostentatious pretentiousness is a way of life and their ego a religion. Generally the only people glad to see a glorious opulence heading in their direction are those who stand to make some profit of it. Those who do not suffer fools gladly usually sigh heavily, shake their heads or even groan."

While i technically designed this in a star trek setting, tng era, nothing about it is copyrighted as star trek so it could be used as a general sf vessel.


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    I have an updated version if anyone wants it

    Edited May 22, 2018