Formula 1 - 360E concept

  • April 14, 2018
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: LRosario
  • License: CC-BY
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Boasting a powerful 2800 horsepower lithium ion fusion platform, the 360E reaches a top speed of 350m.p.h in less than 3 seconds. It operates on four interdependent spherical Goodyear Eagle 360 tires which allow for total directional control and rotational control. A necessary tool when races involve high G-force turns and spiral inverts hundreds of feet above the ground above crowded cities.

You can rotate in 360 degrees while maintaining directional control via a traditional joystick control. You can push the car into the spiral at max speed to stay grounded on the tract. You not only make decisions on when to turn, but how to turn. This is made possible as all four wheels can literally turn in limitless directions at any time. The traditional race line became obsolete years ago and the drivers evolved to handle a much more difficult set of racing skill sets.

A special “impact gel” surrounds you and your waterproof suit as you sit in the drivers seat. The only controls at you get are a joystick for left/right turns and rotational turns, as well as a gas pedal and two break pedals. One for front wheels only and the other for all wheels. You take all your cues from your custom built digital display helmet. The suit you wear literally enhances your chemical response to outside stimulus. You’re almost super human. In the event you should fly off the track and/or collide with another driver, the impact gel instantly solidifies into a protective bubble shielding you from excess g force impact effects. However, that can only take you so far. At 350 miles per hour, the world becomes past tense and the finish line becomes the future.


  • kira1999 profile picture

    Not bad once again a good design by you. I'll do some tweaking to the node set ups.

    Written April 15, 2018