Thin-Film Interference For Cycles (GPU Compatible)

  • January 06, 2018
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: GJettG
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA
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The interference node group is mostly adapted from Pruster's own OSL interference script found in this Blenderartists thread:

The interference node group inside calculates the Fresnel Reflectance of metals and thin-films of up to two layers. These calculations take into account both a material's real index of refraction, n, and imaginary index of refraction, k (together known as the complex refractive index), allowing for more accurate Fresnel and Interference colors.

Included with the interference node group are various materials made with it including: metals (e.g. gold, silver, copper, and osmium), 12 car paints, oxide coated metals (e.g. tarnished silver and heated iron), coated glasses, and more. Other materials can be made using the known n and k values for each material, many of which can be found here:

Only the interference node group is under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, but the output can be used for any purpose.


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    Hello!!! I have a ULTIMATE BANANA pending. I was wondering if u can make a good node setup for my blend.

    Edited January 06, 2018
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    Looks cool. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Written January 08, 2018
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    many thanks

    Written January 08, 2018
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    Love it ! Thank you !

    Written January 08, 2018
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    Written January 08, 2018
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    How can anyone be so egocentric, selfish and conceited to publish such basic stuff, as material under such stupid license, as CC BY-NC-SA?

    Edited January 08, 2018
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    Totally agree!

    Edited January 08, 2018
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    Because they spent a lot of time on it and don't want people to steal it??

    Anyway if you read the description, they said only the node group is under license, but the output can be used for any purpose. What's wrong with that? You just can't sell this shader exactly, but you can certainly sell any renders made with it. What more do you want?

    Edited January 08, 2018
  • prutser profile picture

    Yes, what a shame! It's available for free, someone worked hard on it and you can use it for any render purpose you can imagine. Horrible!


    Edited January 12, 2018
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    Are you serious?

    Written April 21, 2020
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    Edited January 08, 2018
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    Epic. This should be implemented in the main branch.

    Written January 08, 2018
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    Then take a look here:


    Edited January 12, 2018
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    Oh man please, I hope they get it working. That would be fantastic!

    Written February 01, 2018
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    GENIUS! If only Cycles would update into a spectral renderer. It seems like these dispersion effects show up in the actual caustics as well, which im guessing cannot be faked... if you can fake them with another nodegroup thing, then you are the highest genius.

    Written January 11, 2018
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    Jean-Christophe Sekinger


    Written January 12, 2018
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    Thanks for sharing.

    Written January 27, 2018
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    That's wonderful thank you! Interesting to look at this one and compare to the Universal one by Samsorov on Blendermarket. Is it possible to stack them? Does it work for wacky diffraction type effects?

    Written February 01, 2018
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    This is really fantastic, I'd been casually looking for a material pack like this for a long time, and the whole kettle of fish just drops into my lap. Folks like you are what makes the blender community one of the best on the 'net. Kudos aplenty sir.

    Written February 06, 2018
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    thank you

    Written March 30, 2019
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    you are a star , thnks

    Written June 19, 2020
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    This is one of the best material I have ever seen on blender, thank you

    Written August 10, 2020
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    ok thanks but its hard to find the download button >:(

    Written October 13, 2020
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    Thanks man

    Written June 04, 2021
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    I am very sorry, but how do you use it? I am new to Blender and have no idea how to connect it to make it work. Thanks!

    Written November 20, 2021
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    i am intrigued

    Written December 03, 2021
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    Thanks so much for your amazing work and development of these - and kindness in sharing the materials. I saw your amazing Bcon video and suddenly feel inclined to make bubbles in Blender!

    Written November 16, 2022
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    Thanks, happy to learn it inspired you! This blend file is actually the great manual conversion by GJettG that I mentioned in the video of the talk, but the fully benchmarked blender 3.3+ file that is associated with my bcon talk can be found here:

    Written January 28, 2023
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    Thank you for this. I been looking all over for this. it make a great study material. Thank you once again and keep up the good work.

    Written January 16, 2023