Shower Stall -- Two Versions

  • February 07, 2017
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: asterlil
  • License: CC-0
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For the past year I've been creating my dream home, and I'm happy to be sharing some of the models with y'all that I have developed along the way.

Here are two models of a shower stall, varying in door placement; one opens on the side and the other at the end. The doors have their origin at the proper pivot point.

The model includes shower head, separate hand-held spray head, soap/shampoo rack, and grab bar. You'll find a bit of, uh, amateur topology on the spray head, a few ngons, but otherwise the model is pretty clean.

The open source texture, the tile, is packed into the blend file. It originally comes from , although I modified the size of the image, using multiples of the original to arrive at a higher resolution.

The models are offered with no restrictions.


  • marthana80 profile picture

    thanks hope you keep posting!!

    Written February 12, 2017
  • asterlil profile picture

    I'm glad you find my models useful. :-)

    Written February 13, 2017
  • asterlil profile picture

    If you find my hardware clunky, there's a nice showerhead with hose and taps included, published here on site, at . :-)

    Written March 10, 2017
  • akira23 profile picture


    Written May 13, 2017