Barrett M82

  • August 08, 2016
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: BlenderGE
  • License: CC-BY
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Barrett M82 - [US] Sniper Rifle The Model is made by me and is for LWP23D for its mobile game. Its a lowpoly Gun with under 2.600 Faces!! Game ready, only Renders has been made in Cycles. (Verts./Fac./Trias:) : 6.473/2.544/5.716The Barrett M82, also called : "SASR" or "G82" is created in US with a 12,9 - 13,5 KG Weight and a Barrel lengh 51cm and can be arrayed up to 74cm.

!If you have Questions, or need my help in one of your projects, send me here a message on Blendswap or from my E-Mail adress!

Thaks to LWP23D for inspiration, also visit his profile!

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