Starfish - Seastar - Asteroidea

  • May 14, 2016
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: marekv
  • License: CC-BY-SA
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There are two scenes with different lightning and differently textured starfish in this blend. Scene 1 is on layer 1 with its camera settings on frame 1, scene 2 on layer 2 and frame 2. On layers six and seven are the starfish only, each with its own material. You could add a volume scatter in the world settings to achiev an underwater-like effect. I added the caustics for the preview image in photoshop, that's faster and I couldn't achiev it in Blender... for now :) Hope you like it, critics are welcome! ;-)


  • fouredgeddelta profile picture

    There are these blends who are great modeled but are missing good colors .Then there are wannabe blends who look great but are nothing new or special ,and then threre are yours. You ask yourself how the imploding duck did he even do this. Not knowing the awnser you flip the table and crawl under you bed googling the living shiat outha your handy searching for some blend totorials that make you feel good.

    Written May 17, 2016
  • marekv profile picture

    Woaah :-) thank you very much, I'm glad you like it, though honestly, I'm still pretty much a noob and my blends are a lot of trial and error and usually I end up with something completely different than what I intended to do. I still lack the practice and skills to create what I want, just got the patience to fiddle around until I end up with something acceptable ;-) I will try to improve on this one. Mainly I want to replace the texture with a procedural node setup and work on the underwater effect. If I succeed I'll definitely update the .blend file here on blendswap. Thanks again :)

    Written May 17, 2016
  • CaptainRex profile picture

    Looks wonderful, I love under water scenes : D Keep up the good work!

    Cheers, Rex

    Written May 25, 2016
  • marekv profile picture

    Thank you Captain! I just uploaded a slightly more realistic version, check it out here and please tell me what you think ;)

    Written May 25, 2016
  • Playpinwheel profile picture

    wow nice Starfish!

    Written July 15, 2016