Pointed Recycle Bin

  • December 07, 2016
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Cycles
  • Creator: FoundationsofPause
  • License: CC-0
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My first blend submission here on blendswap. Hope you enjoy. Quick model and paint in substance painter. The metallic PBR shader does not belong to me, it belongs to everyone.


  • nepemex profile picture


    Written December 10, 2016
  • FoundationsofPause profile picture

    Thanks. I have lots more to share. I'll try posting something every week.

    Written December 12, 2016
  • DaedalJS profile picture

    nice work. upvoted. if you want to improve it a bit i'd suggest to add some thickness to certain parts (mostly i'm thinking just make lid portion that doesn't swing match the part that does to make it a little more believable. right now at certain angles you can tell it's just an outer shell there.

    as it is, it's a nice model to use in the background but right now if someone wanted to have something interact with it and the lid swung back a bit they'd have to add that bit of thickness themselves so they could actually use it that way.

    Written December 13, 2016
  • FoundationsofPause profile picture

    I agree. I rarely go in for animation detail as much of my stuff is for static environments. Perhaps moving the lid a little and adding some inside details. I'll try that.

    Written December 13, 2016
  • FoundationsofPause profile picture

    Yay my bin was approved. Thanks.

    Written December 31, 2016
  • Duion profile picture

    The materials look wrong, like it is made out of gold and silver or rock with gold paint.

    Written January 02, 2017
  • FoundationsofPause profile picture

    It's definitely some form of metal and not plastic.

    Written January 02, 2017