La ferrari 2013 concept restyled

  • July 12, 2014
  • Blender 2.7x
  • Render: Blender Internal
  • Creator: zenox3d
  • License: CC-BY-SA
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My 3d model of laferrari was created with blender3d 2.68.Rendering preview image with blender internal render,standard lights and for the final image I'v been using compositing nodes.I gave my best to create realistic renderings with standard lights.Model is detached named by objects and by materials.There is only one texture for front and for rear grill panels.I made some small changes in design,like rear view of the car for example.Tire treads were created from polygons too.My model has been rendered with subdivision 2,until model was packed with subdiv 1.There are no interior objects for this product.When I was modeled this concept I had no good image references,particularly I coudn't get accuarte model without topview.I hope you will like my model even it is not accurate as real la ferrari.Enjoy my product.

check out my 3d rendering of this model with cycles on link below


  • ericblender7 profile picture

    hey man....the car is supercool. It's not always easy to model any car in blender without reference images...nice work

    Written July 16, 2014
  • zenox3d profile picture

    Thank you Ericblender7 for your nice feedback about my work.Yes it is pretty hard to do cars like this particularly,without good image refs.It took me several days to finish it,but when I saw I can't get similar to real laferrari concept,I tried to follow my passion for cardesigning and create this model.I hope so it will be useful for your projects.

    Edited July 20, 2014
  • ericblender7 profile picture

    yeah..its pretty...

    Written July 21, 2014
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    Written October 11, 2014
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    Written October 31, 2014
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    Thank You for sharing :)

    Written January 14, 2015
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    thank you so much

    Written July 15, 2017
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    Written May 20, 2018