Steampunk Spaceship Interior


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Basic data
  • March 18, 2012
  • Mid-Poly
  • Realistic / To Scale
  • Blender Internal
  • Applied Modifiers
  • Full Pass Textured
  • Conflicting requirements are optional
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I'm looking for a steampunk styled spaceship interior that I can composite with a live-action short film I'm writing. It should look a little like the bridge from StarTrek TNG, but with a slightly higher ceiling - think hotel lobby.

I'd love for someone who is into the concept of their work being used fairly immediately to get on board with this blend.

Materials used should be from the following: brushed, hammered, webbed, or snake-skin brass other metal that is NOT very reflective leather non-leather fabric glass plastic

Textures - You can use Image Textures if you think they'd play as realistic in an evenly lit scene with some camera movement.

Colors - besides brass, or silvery metal, I'd like a lively purple around hex#: 8641A8
with variations into red and blue, and variations in lightness

I would like both flowing curves and angular aspects to this large room. There should be a large window or two where the characters can look out into space from. I would like gears of some sort.