"Zombie/Undead" theme Roller-Coaster Train


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Basic data
  • December 17, 2012
  • Low-Poly
  • Realistic / To Scale
  • Image Textured
  • Blender Internal
  • Applied Modifiers
  • Conflicting requirements are optional
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Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I\'m currently working on a project involving the physics of a roller coaster and the theme of my roller coaster is \"Undead Apocalypse\". I want the train of the roller coaster to resemble some very creative features such as \"bones\" gripping each individual legs to the respective chair or maybe even zombie hands fastening their bodies to the ride. Maybe even red lighting coming from the top of the part that hangs the train from the tracks. :D If you\'re up to the unique challenge of building a hanging roller coaster with a really eerie/scary feel to it, please be my guest :)

Keep in mind that it will be a hanging roller coaster train made of up about 5 to 6 rows of seats; two per row and has to move from side to side in order to go through loops. You may add any features you like, but please keep it low to mid-poly if you choose to do this ^_^ You will be credited for this creation.

Note: You may also add modifiers if you wish to further the work as a whole. Anything to spice it up will be awesome!

Once again, thank you and I really do fully appreciate your work! I\'m hoping to have someone do this :)