String12oil asked Old Users favorites

To BlendSwap Admins First off V5 is awesome in both structure and look. However, when I got onto my profile and went to likes, my like’s folder is empty. Are you lot still in the process of porting users[...]

dzerbs asked About Badges

Did we keep the badges we earned from V4 or no? I mean I'm ok if not but I was just wondering. Great update by the way, I'm really loving it, great job!

Atom asked My Favorite Feature Is Missing

Maybe this feature is still available in the new site layout, but one of my favorite features was the ability to search for only CC0 Blends. Can this still be done using the new site?

alecfara asked i cant see my youtube clips

i like to ulpoad at this site my blend in order to get more views and for people to see the full priview of the chrcter i have for them before they download it so please fix it :)

ScoutingNinja asked Missing request

I have copleated a request that no longer shows on the request list(Bentenmaru, requested by theparodypirate) and now can't Upload it, why? Also the request page dosn't show the blends of earlier requests, will this be fixed?

TRIPL3-A asked Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!

Hi, everyone. i am just a beginner & i need the way i have 2 follow 2 make my 1st project OUTLINED as a 2D cartoon 

dzerbs asked Cannot Delete Preview Image

I uploaded a blend a while ago, a little before V5. Because of the new layout and the squared images, some of the preview image was cropped off. It wasn't that big of a deal to just just crop it myself so it shows my model. But the problem is that I can[...]

dzerbs asked What are Karma Points?

I was just wondering what Karma Points were. I was hoping it would tell mein the guided tour but it didn't. I might have missed it maybe but I don't know.

shadowfoxqx asked profile pic

ok, i went to the whole gravatar thing and made it long ago and put up my pic there, and my profile pic changed on blendswap, last version anyway, so i was wondering, why hasnt it changed on this version even though i re-uploaded that same pic several d[...]

Maverick97 asked Adding Favorites

Hey, Umm each time i try to click a blend to add it to my favorites there is a popup that says there is a fatal error and blend swap can't add as a fav. Please tell me what to do. Thanks, Greg

ali_goli_1234567890 asked 404 Error Recieving [Solved]

I'm trying to upload blend but it gave me 404 Error (after uploading completed) and my blend won't go to My Blends part Do you know what may cause this?(for example forbbiden Country?)

glassdog asked a blend not moving from the first slot

I have a blend that is remaining in the first slot.  It is not moving from the first slot when newer blends are uploated. Whats up with that? thanks Mike

LukeHook asked Alpha in Cycles

Whenever I render a scene in Cycles and then try to do some more complicated image compositing, the alpha doesn't work. Is there a setting somewhere that will turn that on, or are we still waiting for that feature?

StoneTreeApps asked Unpacking textures

Hi, I downloaded this And I can't manage to unpack the textures and apply them to the blend. So I just have the plain grey map with no textures. Is anyone a[...]

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