SiegeProductions asked Help with blender fps?

I have decided to set a goal to create the best fps game made in blender.This game will be different then most other fps games, I will try to make it as realistic as possible.This is an example of a realistic game, and what makes it more realistic. Halo[...]

JosephBennett asked Cheap, Quality Computer?

Hey guys! :D I'm looking for a desktop computer, with a Nvidia GPU, etc. You guys know what I need, as it will be PURELY FOR BLENDER! (A little bit of internet browsing, and other softwares will be used as well, but I need everything to run smoothly wit[...]

JDHaller asked Do to my low quality of blends.

While I know I am new to this, now I am so thankful for the program and all the great to epic blends I have seen here. I want to improve and learn, however it is hard with most every thing being rejected. Is there some place that we can share ou[...]

SiegeProductions asked Advanced AI tutorial?

Does anyone know of any youtube vids of anything that shows you how to create an advanced AI? It has to be advanced, like python advanced, cause that's the only way to get a good AI.

antonioferreira asked Normal map and shading issues

__3rd Edit__ The main problem is solved. But, as I don't know the reason for that kind of issue I'll keep this subject opened so that people can investigate about this :) __2nd Edit__ [Download Blend File](!IgNjkSJZ!hXILDZBTZtm-hJ[...]

JosephBennett asked Blender to After Effects CS6 :(

Okay, I'm making some pipes for someone, and they are using After Effects CS6. In AFX CS6 when he opens it, it comes without any shadows, and it's translucent. I saw a tut that said to take it through Photoshop, and then put it on AFX, but it was for CS[...]

BlenderGamerFoundation asked armature lag

guys, i have this rig which has lots of bones in one armature. whenever i drag one of them it makes lag, even though i move some of them to the layers, still it makes lag.... someone plz ask me this question, sorry my english is bad.

Stevenb asked Unity, Unreal, or Cryengine

Hello fellow blendswappers! I know this isn't a direct blender question, but I also know some of you have experience with this sort of stuff and could give me some guidance. Currently I am learning to use Unity. However, today something has come to my a[...]

OD91 asked help with modeling / boolean modifier

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me or show me on how to achieve this sphere with various shapes carved inside of it as shown in the image below :[...]

happysmurf asked specialize model

hey guys. i'm new with blender and this is my first real blend. it is not ready yet but i hope you can give advice.   firefly image i hope someone can give advice about [...]

NicholasAnderson asked Clouds for Blender Game Engine

I am currently working on a new game in Blender. It is based on The Maze Runner movie. Is there any way to make clouds that look at least okay in the game engine without using a plane with a texture of clouds on it and putting it as a backdrop?

BGEking asked Are the blends supposed to look like this?

Hey all, i was just wondering if the blend page only looked like this for me or if this is a bug, or what. []([...]

Trainguy asked Blender Rig White Outline Fix?

I recently finished my Minecraft Wither rig, but I noticed a problem I haven't seen on my other rigs. I saw that in the render there is a white outline and I don't know how to fix it. Please help, I'll really appreciate it. EDIT: Here's a pic showing th[...]

DonCliche asked Bump mapping

Hi everyone I'm trying out bump mapping so ive been following andrew price's tutorial on realistic textures[...]

SiegeProductions asked Scripting?

I want to know how to script this. Lets say I have this game, and I want my character to collect a couple cubes, and then a text will appear that will say that I collected all the cubes. I can do this with the logic bricks and a collision sensor, but it[...]

SiegeProductions asked Graphics Card?

I don't really know anything about graphic cards execpt for the fact that the better the graphics card, the more your pc can handle. So if someone could tell me how good my graphics card is, I would really like to know.

morwina asked UV unwrapping a complex object

Hi, I need advice on UV unwrapping a complex object, in my case, a tower. This is my model: I tried to 'peel off' the outside and eac[...]

NicholasAnderson asked beta test my game

can someone test my blender [game]( I am going to sell it so I need to know if there are any problems with it, if the game is lagging or if there is anything that you don't like. Thanks.

Dirj asked Render Resolution

Is it possible to increase the image resolution, not the image dimensions, of the BI renders?

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