antonioferreira asked Normal map and shading issues

Hello everyone! Now, here's what I'll be talking about... [LINK](!Eg8kwZqS!q3pLiQbtHEIMBcJSr4ijDYrFO1RMUfDzuysq_9TW5_s) I've got several objects with that weird result and I can't figure out what's wrong. I'm using: Cycles, Glos[...]

bohrenjt asked help

how do you upload blends I cant seem to find it. I have a few things I would like to get on here and have help from other people on them

NicholasAnderson asked Problem with BGE Textures

I have been working on a game for a while and everything has been working out perfectly. However, I open up the blend file to work on it and only the first layer is selected but all the lamps are showing through to the first layer so I had to delete every [...]

Darkonan123 asked 2 Different Color Fire Domains in One Scene

Hi, (This is Blender Internal Engine) I was just wondering if it is possible to have two different domains in one scene(that are in the same spot so there are no gaps in the flames) and have two different colors in them, without only one of the colors bein[...]

NiKlouse asked The creation of mesh.

Greetings. I play Second Life. I like to create tattoos for my avatar. So far that has been simple. However, I need to create mesh for ONE arm, or ONE foot, etc. I am new to Blender, and tried to watch various videos via YouTube, with no success. Please he[...]

swift502 asked Aspect ratio of preview images?

Maybe it's just my browser, but I see tons of blends that use 16:9 preview images. As a result the images get cropped. It's a shame because it's such a trivial thing to convert any ratio image to 1:1. I know that premium users get to see the original, and [...]

zacshaheen asked Rejected for being "Too Simple"

Hello. I have had a few of my models rejected for being "Too Simple". I was honestly a little surprised with my latest upload being rejected. What exactly does Blendswap look for when deciding whether or not to approve or reject a blend?

zico asked help in animation with mhx2 Rigify rig

I'm newbie at bender and I 'm doing some animation for university project for sign language and i face many problems 1- when doing animation with mhx2 Rigify rig i can't rotate the bones Gimbal and when i rotate the hand it locks distorted because of th[...]

TheProgrammer asked Text

I was wondering how you can edit text in Blender. I tried just typing but it messed everything up. I bet I seem like a moron, but I just started using blender a couple of days ago.

FaizanDurrany asked This site deserves it

to everyone out there, using Ad-block extension/service. Add Blendswap to whitelist. This site actually deserves it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ===============

BlenderUnknown asked Blendswap Admins!

Shout out to all the awesome people at blendswap who work dillagently at keeping blendswap a great place to find and post blend files! #Keep Up the Good Work!

RU asked Api scripting

I need help for people who knows scripting. I just wanted to put some Armature layers into the view_3d

Matt1251 asked rendering an image

Does anyone know how to render a single image into a png? i clicked on the tab at the top left then clicked "render image" but after the image was completed i didn't see it on my desktop

drifter911pl asked Motion Blur in BGE

Hello, I'd really appreciate if someone could share me a motion blur in BGE. The default motion blur filter 2d really doesn't look well and the vector blur is imposibble to run in normal game, it's too slow. So I really want/need a 1. well looking 2. prett[...]

Project1982 asked Is this possible?

Hey guys! I am working on a photo to 3D modeller and I am using Blender as a way to produce the new models. Is there a way to crop off everything below a certain value? For example: say I want to crop everything below the y = 10 (like the vector position)[...]

nad451 asked How do I install BlenderGIS? I've downloaded it and tried to install all four parts following the wikipage. Blender says something about a script in wrong format. Tried changing it with notepad++ but still the same problem. I'm really most intere[...]

Kalaiarasu asked Light Linking

Hi guys.. Anyone ever came across "the light linking" thing in Blender?? In Maya Vray its an easy process just in one click. But in blender I saw the render layer method (still I'm not clearly understood). Other than is there any Add-on or any other way to[...]

BlenderUnknown asked Dynamic Text

Hey guys, What I want is a way to have the value of a text object change controlled by a driver. For example when I have my driver set to 0 my text will have "0%" printed and when i have my driver set at 1 my text will have "100%" and if i set it to .5 it [...]

Hedgehogpro asked Help with Super Tux Kart? Anyone?

I am working on a track and an arena for the open-source game called Super Tux Kart. I have the meshes done, and I can export them to the game fine and physics are working well. But when I export the track none of my Blender Internal textures and materials[...]

Sourajyoti asked Iron Man HUD

Can anybody instruct on how to go about modelling and animating the Iron Man HUDs as Jan Hamernick did using blender?? Link:

Sojan asked Rotation on a ball with the side not turning.

Hey guys: I know this is my second question in a row... but I have no idea how to do this and i didn't find any questions on it already. So here we go; I am working on a game project (just keep in mind its for a game) and i have this (i hope the image show[...]

Sojan asked Lots of noise and Fireflies in the dark

I have been working in very dark scenes recently in cycles, and I am having problomes with not having TONES of fireflies and LOTS of noise all over the place. I am trying to get sharpish shadows so i need smaller emission objects: eliminating the usuall "e[...]

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