olasanda asked Blender freezes

Hi, I have added a movie in video sequence editor, and have made a new 3d window where I have linked in a character and it's rig. Then, when I press N for bringing up the N-panel, Blender freezes, each time. By "freezing", I mean that my MAC just start [...]

olasanda asked Screencast keys

Hi there. Was following a tutorial, where they activate the Screencast Keys, in the properties panel. Meaning displaying all the pressed buttons and mouse clicks. But I can't find them in my panel. How do I activate/install these ? Ola

Shadahan asked Importing .mhx file to blender.

I want to upload some make human files to blender, for my FPS project which i am trying to make. I have ticked on the make human addon, but when i try to import the .mhx file, it says something as no Auto run Python Scrypts addon is not turned on and that[...]

JDHaller asked Render View after Hiding in edit?

Hello Blender Artists I am using Blender Ver. 2.75 GNU\Linux. I hid parts of an object in edit mode, went out of edit and and could not see hidden parts and used alt+H the parts of the object that were hid show now but not in render view, I could only[...]

StillCounting asked Raging Bull Logo

Hey guys So currently I'm working on a model of the .44 raging bull. On the original however it actually says "raging bull on the side of the barrel. After some research I found out how to work logo's in my model (Blend2cap's model of the monster helmet w[...]

Trainguy asked Help with "Replace Image" in UV Image editor

Recently I've started working on an Alex version of TheDuckCow's Fancy Feet rig for personal use, but I noticed that when I do "replace image" and select my alex skin, nothing happens. I'm thinking it has to do with the new 2.75, but I just want to know ho[...]

Folk asked Rig not visible

Hi, I recently downloaded a model and it says that the model has an armature in the Out liner but I don't see it. I even have it on X-Ray. Why is this happening?

poll asked my game built in 2.74 crash in 2.75

I have a small problem that a game that was developing and had quite advanced now breaks this new version blender and not whether it can be. if the bricks logics since it was developed almost entirely with logic bricks tengo el pequeño problema que un j[...]

wutang22 asked New to blend swap

i would like to know how to publish my models and also about the textures do i need to pack them as pngs and load them aswell?

InsaneDropThePone asked BGE Custom Mouse Cursor?

Hello, I am making a game in Blender that has a lot of mouselook in it. I have crosshairs set up in the game itself, but the menu requires clicking the buttons. I don't want the cursor to show up in the game itself, so I tried to add a custom mouse cursor.[...]

blend2cap asked Water Wall help

Hi, I have to make a water wall but I never used fluid simulator before (except simple things) and I need something realistic. I tried with a stretched plane as Inflow (Z -1 or -5), wall as obstacle and domain as 220 res, 10 meters world size but the resul[...]

Th0mas asked You have NaN Mb left

Hi, whenever i want to download a blend, it tells me "uh oh, you have NaN Mb left which is not enoug to download this 1MB blend" but actually I have 274 MB remaining.

axle54321 asked I am new and i need help.

i signed up about 3 hours ago and i have tried to download multiple projects but then it gives me an error that says "Uh oh! you have NaN MB left for downloads this month, witch is not enough to download this 7 MB blend." but it says that i have 200. pleas[...]

fabiosarts asked Is anyone having download problems?

Is anyone there having download problems, when i try to download something a popup appears and says "You have NaN MB left for download..." like i don't have bandwith left, but i'm actually have 304 MB left o.o tryed from Pale Moon and Project Spartan and i[...]

medaziz asked tracking in blender

hello al of you and thanks for you're help. i have a footage performed by my brother i tracked it with success the problem is that i want to add a 3d model behind my brother . but i wasnt able to do it. if its possible pls help. and thanks

greek10 asked moving textures

how would I make a moving texture? like if you could animate the position of the UV map in the image editor or something?

olasanda asked Blender add-on

I am looking for an add-on called AUTO EXECUTION: Auto Run Python Scripts. Does anyone know where/how to get this ? Ola

RealClovis asked Glowing Smoke Effect

Hello everyone, can anyone tell me how to make such glowing smoke like this one: I'm actually making something with that kind of object but I don't know how t[...]

Chirag02 asked Storyboard for free

Hi, I'm working on a blender short film as most people know but I'm having trouble in the storyboards. I don't have any storyboard artists on my team and suck at drawing. Does anybody know of free and cheap storyboard software's or methods for people that [...]

rc6 asked Popping CC Lens Effect

Hi, I've been wanting to do the CC lens popping effect, in Blender, on some footage for a while and have had a go at trying to find a way to do it in Blender myself by using the Lens Distortion in the compositor but it really just doesn't look like the rea[...]

InsaneDropThePone asked Compositing in BGE

I would like to add flares and such to Blender games and from what I've heard, that doesn't seem to work out too well. Is there a way to add working compositing nodes in the Blender Game Engine?

BlenderGE asked Extrude or Sculpmode?

Im modelling a FPS Hand for my Game. So im gonna model the hand with a plane. After i finished i will make the plane to a 3d objekt. But is it better to extrude on the Z achse or to sculp the Hand on the Z achse. Were nice for answers ;)

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