dahid asked Importing files from blender into unreal

Hi I have tried exporting texture files from blender as a .fbx format to import into unreal engine 4. However, when i import these files i get various errors and the texture is not always the right colour etc, i feel like im missing something, could any[...]

RedPointFilms asked sheep it

Hello , I uploaded a .blend the render was fast (4h) as resolution I used 3840x2160 but now for like 7h there is standing Generating archive. Can you help me with that problem?

eyobmamon asked Using Blend Swaps on Blender

How do i exactly edit a blend swap, i want to tweak it a little bit. But blender opens two different sections and put the swap in one and the editing area in another. How do i edit the swaps?

MarcoYolo asked Animations Blend

Hey guys, I'm confused of how making two animations play at the same time in BGE. I'm trying to create a player that can run and hit at the same time. If you know how to solve it then please leave a description below.

Trainguy asked How to join 2 or more meshes and keep the drivers

Recently while I was finishing up my new steve rig, I wanted to add a taper effect to the arms. I first joined all the finger meshes to the arm mesh, and then I noticed something was wrong. All of the drivers for the bends on the fingers didn't transfer ov[...]

FalconHoof asked Add grass to plane

Hi, I've just started using blender, and I want to add some grass I downloaded from here onto my house model. The problem is they're all blend files, so I can't add them to eachother. I tried copy & paste, but that didn't work. Any ideas? Thanks eve[...]

Daveysir asked When rendering my scene deforms

Hi everybody, I made a bathroom in Blender and when I render the scene it strechess the image. Does anyone know what might be the problem? Many thanks in advance! :) Davey.

Anixsson asked Reset To The Old Interface After a Blender Update

So, i just updated to the new Blender version and after the installation, my old customized UI has changed to the standard UI. Is there a way to save ALL my old preference to apply to my new Blender update? The question is pointing for the future updates m[...]

cristal90 asked Save a node?

Can I save my own created node to use it in other project? If it is possible, please thank you to learn how to do. I am tired to remake all my node composition when I want to use one of my previous material.

Jchau1234 asked Blender Cycles HDRI Timelapse

Anyone know how to do a HDR timelapse? I'm using Andrew Price's ProSkies. Want to try doing something similar like in the Architecture Academy trailer where the sunlight moves across the livingroom. I've tried learning from a tutorial but wasn't successf[...]

fsocas asked Game engine

How can I make in my game that if I hold a key, my character speeds up until it reach a max speed,if I am not pressing any key it stay moving on the actual speed and if I hold another key it slow down until it reach a min. speed? (regulate speed) I'll be p[...]

KingStarry asked Layer Moving

Hey Guys, Need some help with layer moving. I have come across lots of rigs who have the body of the character in like a hair layer, body layer,arm layer, legs layer. And when I move one I have to move the next layer exactly into spot. I need to know if yo[...]

tokenten asked Transfer Weight Paint Blender v2.75

Hello BlendSwap i have a question about weight Painting?How can i transfer a weight paint from one mesh to another mesh?For example.My first mesh has perfect weight paint and the second mesh have bad weight paint.What i want is the second mesh to have the [...]

BrutalBa5 asked Metal woes

Hello all! I'm a brand new member, but have been Blending for a few years now. I just downloaded the metal materials pack but am unable to find the materials in Blender. Is there something in the user preferences section? Or am I looking in the wrong place[...]

cristal90 asked rejected blends

I don't know how to do when the admin's send me this message: "The texture is missing" about my rejected blends. What should I do? because I know that my blend is OK and I have packed all the files into the blends For some moments, I change the image textu[...]

Nimble asked 2 Projects in one file?

Hi, how do you copy one blender project into another? This is something I have been struggling with for a while.

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