Jchau1234 asked Sharing a blend

Made a piece of furniture, copied the one I have at home. Made it mostly by judging, measured some dimensions. So wondering, if I was to share it, which option do I tick at the fan mark section? Don't think I've posted in the right section, but not sure w[...]

happysmurf asked cartoon YODA

hey guys, its been a long, long time ago but its vacation so time to start a new blend. i'm in the basic shape of the model (need the sculp for the details in the eyes and mouth) but need a few feedback about the look so far. here are the pictures

medaziz asked import in blender

hello guys. i downloaded a full rigged model from animation mentor websit. the model is .ma (autodesk maya) i don't have maya in my computer but i wont to import that model in blender is there any way , or i must download maya and export the model in othe[...]

SiegeProductions asked 60fps?

What frame rate should I go with when making a game? Should I make it in 30fps, or in 60fps?

Jchau1234 asked Subdivide help

A normal square/ rectangle I know how to subdivide properly. However when it comes to an irregular shape (irregular floor plan design) how to I subdivide it? I've tried subdividing but when I do the lines from every corner meet in the middle doesn't subdiv[...]

Jchau1234 asked LICENSE QUESTION

I've used some blends that require me to give the artist credit, rather than putting the credit in the rendered image's caption/ description. Can I post it elsewhere, as a pdf (which I will constantly update to accredit other artists when I use their model[...]

Chirag02 asked Append Problems

So I appended in one of my models but it is completely frozen. I am not allowed to rotate, scale, or grab the models. No movement allowed either. It's stuck in one place. i need to fix this quick. Can anybody help me out? The transform are shown unlocked, [...]

InsaneDropThePone asked Error in Game Project

I created a mech project in BGE where I have a mech with a rotating camera rig, movement, and animation. I tried to run it in the standalone player, but it stopped responding and closed the player every time. I tried to run it in the embedded player and it[...]

WangMandingo asked Flare effect for halo materials broken?

I was traditionally using the flare option under halo materials to make cheap lens flare effects. As of Blender v2.75a it would appear that the flare effect no longer works the way it used to. Am I missing some new option or setting to display it or is it [...]

rc6 asked Is This Effect Possible In Blender

I know this is possible in After Effects but, is it possible in Blender? This CC lens effect? - I would like it to look as close to the After Effects CC Lens as possible, Thanks for your help! Reply ASAP!

Reaper2k asked Smoke Sim Bake too big

Hey guys. I have a project. Its an animation with a bit of smoke stuff. My problem is, that 1 frame renders in 30 min and the animation is 190 frames long. So i decided to render it on a render farm. My problem now is 1. Do you guys know a good render far[...]

greek10 asked Help with states

Hi guys, I'm having a problem with some AI I'm working on. The problem is when the red enemy character changes from say "state one to state two", or simply changes from any state to another, the gun he is holding shoots out a whole lot of red bullets. I k[...]

yobeco asked Moving a rigged character

Hie I'm a newbies in blender. I have download this character : I want to move a knee, a finger or an elbow, but I can't. I just can move eye, hand, foot, head and mouth. Can you explain me or indicate me a tutori[...]

RealClovis asked Shadows on transparent images

I'm trying to render a readily created model with lots of transparent parts, but when I render it, the transparent parts are still having shadows. I'm using blender internal. Please help

greek10 asked Short film

I would like to know a few things about short animation films, but one of them is: how many hours of work go into one minute of GOOD cartoon animation?

InsaneDropThePone asked BGE Bump Mapping

In many 3D games, the textures will have bump mapping. It gives the object some actual texture, at least that's what it looks like. Look at the basic Unreal Engine materials (you can get the Unreal Engine for free but have to pay Epic an amount of money i[...]

Animatorcraft1 asked How to make animation ?

Hi, I'm starting to do animations, I learned to do the scenery and also how to make the lighting of the scene, but I still have a lot of experience in animation, I've done some but does not get much bom.Como should I start? there is some technique? which t[...]

Mavis asked Bs

Help me I'm new don't don't know how to use this so please help me it would be apprishiated

HahahaimmaCOOKIE asked Profile

How do I Upload a profile picture? I can't seem to find the upload profile picture button, can you give me a hand?

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