yuvzohar asked Why CPU runs better than GPU ??

Hello , I've just purchased a new pc with the following hw : Intel-i7-4790-Quad-Core-4-00GHz-2TB-16GB-NVIDIA-GTX-980-4GB-Gaming-PC-AGB ( I've installed ubuntu 14.04 and [...]

Dawizzel asked Black/white to transparency

Hello everyone! As I wrote in the title, I want a black and white .tga image to be transparent. I want the white parts to be transparent and the grey/black parts be visible. has anyone got an idea how to do this in Blender Internal/Game Engine? Have a nic[...]

cristal90 asked switch camera

Hello. Please i juste want to know how to switch between many camera in blender. If there is a shortcut, i also want to know it. Tank you for share.

rahulraina asked Python Scripting

does blender support a python script which is for mouse click. like the longer you press hold the mouse button the more powerfully (more force) will an object be thrown . If yes the HOW ?

SiegeProductions asked Bge realistic metal?

Is is possible to get metal to look like this in bge? Cause if so, I would really like to know how. It's mostly just the way the light hits it, and how it has reflections in it.

BefitHalo asked Fire Effect in Internal

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to make a good fire effect in Blender Internal render settings. Is it? Because my PC can't handle cycles and I don't work with Cycles.

TheOnlineAnimator asked Cycle Renders Blank

This isn't really a huge problem or anything, simply because I can see the render in the node editor still, but I'm really wondering what happened to this. One minute it was rendering fine and now it just turns gray like this. I'm not sure what it is that'[...]

Trainguy asked Blender Python: Material Color Wheel for Panel

Recently, I've been developing armor for my new Steve rig. One of the features is to have armor, and I set up the texture where the color of the leather armor is the same as the intensity of the material. I feel that using custom python panels are the best[...]

Plasmatic asked Sapling Add-on: Inaccessible Feature

So I went ahead today, and added a new tree with the sapling add-on. Pretty basic stuff. Wanted to change the tree from Tend Flame(7) to Conical(0), but the option was inaccessible. Does anybody know how to fix this?

MarcoYolo asked Ragdoll Rig Spawn

Hey I've been dealing with this problem for about a month already. I know how to make a ragdoll and all those things. How do I make a rig spawn another ragdoll rig. Is there any way to solving this?

donieryu asked BGE - How can the character step on the stairs ?

how I can stop in the middle of the stairs and not fall ? IMAGE : sorry, I find it difficult to explain in English because I use g.translate, I hope there who understand the intent of the question in my image. thank you

Ndakasha asked Flip animation add on

Whats up Blend swap has Blender done away with the flip animation add on under animation in user preferences? I have key frames on six frames and I want to flip all in one click I searched for the add on to no avail it is tedious to flip the animation a ke[...]

cwoodsdean asked Objects apear when i play my game

Hello. I came across this today. When i press "p" to play my game, a object apears. But when i move everything out the way it is not there. I put on pgysics so you can see that to. can some one help?

iAmTheWalrus asked Why is this happening with hair particles?

As the Picture shows. The hair Cuts of in places, any idea why? My transparency and Bounces is set on about 128 in the render tab. but when i used the default settings i didnt have this problem. The hair is two hair shaders mixed. Appreciate any help, ch[...]

MrMister518 asked Putting Characters into Real life Video Footage!

So my friends and I are making a film consisting of live action footage. However, we will be using blender to add in animated characters. I was wondering if there is anyway to import rigged characters into the footage so the character is actually in the sc[...]

TheOnlineAnimator asked Complicated IK

Hello, I have this rig for a leg and I was wondering how I could possibly make it move the way I want it to. I have some pictures which show it better than I can probably explain it, but I'll try. What I want to happen is, basically, from top to bottom,[...]

ThePat02 asked BGE Cutscenes??

Hello Community! I try to develope a bigger game with blender. Is there any way to import prerendered cutscenese to the game?

Nooke11 asked Texture Lost?

Ok, I was texturing a model (for quite a long time) , I was quite pleased with the texture but unfortunately I did a test render with too many hair particles for my pc and Blender crashed without me saving the texture externally. Is there anyway I can get [...]

Ryter asked 3D Printing with Blender?

Hi there, do you guys have experience with 3D printing with Blender? Is it a suitable software for this? I found this 3D prining plugin recently - does anyone have experience with this:

cwoodsdean asked Walking Through walls HELP!?

Hello! Im making a game includig=ng lots of walls and platforms as well as a charcter with a walk an amature and walk cycle. i started with a cube to get the game deisgned and made and then went back to making and setting up the charcter. before it worked [...]

grutel asked walk cycle and forward movement

Got 2 quick questions. What kind of key types should I be using for a walk cycle? Linear or Bezier? I find a lot of tutorials on walk cycles, but few on how to move the character forward properly. Whats the best approach? I looked a follow path but timi[...]

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