daventry asked Envelope

Could someone make me an Envelope please in .obj It doesent have to be super high quality one, a descent Low Poly will do. Oh and if you have a Deviant Art Account, please release it there.

iconjone asked VFX shadows

Hi guys! I have a question on how to exactly make shadows in vfx. I put in my object, have my light set up, and also have a decent shadow coming out of it. Now I put in a "ground plane" over what it is actually the ground (In camera view) Could someone tel[...]

MCsly asked Wierd deformations ! HELP!!!

SO, recently i found a Blender add-on called "MCprep" by theDuckCow ( and i wanted to make like a render or animation with a zombie that has an axe stuck in its head. And before you start ripping out your hair and screa[...]

jano95 asked textures from shaders.

hey guys, i was wondering if its possible to apply a shader made in cycles to the uv's of an object so that way i can create the texture for that object. thanks.

rubenlo asked Set in bones?

I have a question about how to set in bones in the figures, so I can start animating. I am kind of new to blender, pls help!

shivraj asked How to use PRMan for Blender

Hey Guys, anyone know how to use Renderman Plugin for Blender.??? Got confused with all that settings. ( A Good Tutorial may be helpful )

LeafStorm asked Good recording software for Blender

So I've been thinking about making a YouTube channel for modeling in Blender but I'm having trouble trying to find a good screen capture software. I've tried Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and I've tried Blenders built in recorder but they aren't really w[...]

Chirag707 asked Is selling 3d models a job?

So I have 3d models that I want to sell but I am not allowed to legally have a Pay Pal account. I do not want to go into any details but is selling 3d models a job or considered as a job?

greek10 asked Problems in BGE

ok, so I had an idea for a short about the blender game engine that includes a little bit of humor about different problems can happen in the game engine, or if you are new to it some problems you may run into confusions you might have. I couldn't come up [...]

greek10 asked particles

is it possible to instead of converting particles into seperate objects, to freeze the particles in there position and make them stay there throughout the entire animation?

TheOnlineAnimator asked Parenting bone problem

Hello, fellow swappers. I have a bit of a problem. Basically, I have a model that pulls out some bolt pieces and that part works fine. But, that is part of a bigger object in which I want it to move with. I have 8 bones that serve as the rotating point of [...]

JDHaller asked Rigging Help

Rigging Help Hello Artists I have a [model]( I wanted to rig for animation. But it is not conventional in concept but may be easy to rig I am just not having the experience to know. It is like a snake at one end and a centiped[...]

Kalaiarasu asked Blender Cycles Depth of Field!

Hi guys! I was trying to do depth of field in compositor but it looks not good. Can anyone please suggest me some real good tutorials of doing depth of field inside blender (Cycles)? Thanks in advance!

snowinrain asked Help to import texture

I downloaded and imported to Blender. However, most of object is grey/no color ( I can't see water as preview). I want to it look exactly same with the preview. Any help/assistant are appreciate. Thanks in advanc[...]

happysmurf asked shape key cloth

hey guys. just a small question i need for my yoda character. is it possible to shape key cloth? or need you to pin it to use is as a shape key? thanks

olasanda asked App for IOS/Android

Hi there. So I started with Blender about 6 months ago. Now I'm thinking of learning how to create an app game for a smartphone. Does anyone have experience with this ? And I'm wondering if I can use Blender for any of this ? Any suggestions for soft[...]

santos1 asked Rendering with gpu and cpu

Hey this may be a silly question but can you render a png sequence with both gpu and cpu. let me explain: open the blender file in 2 blender.exe and can you cut one 1/2 and the other 1/2 in the timeline and render one in gpu and one in cpu and would it [...]

TheOnlineAnimator asked Baking keyframes from NLA strips

So I have an animation of a ship, in which, legs come out of it to land. I have the animation put on an NLA strip and I want to bake it to the timeline because for some odd reason, the legs are stuck outside the ship while it is flying and right before the[...]

cuculuco asked Can't Sync

Hey can someone help me each time i try to ctrl V the RotScale to the dope sheet its says that there is no animation in the buffer to paste. any ideas how to fix? Please help

cuculuco asked Blender

I there any way to create screen pumps to text to make an intro on blender? If so can you leave me a link on how to do so or can you explain it yourself?

Jchau1234 asked Particle System

So currently trying to make a snow scene with pine trees, I have a few questions that need answering: First. I turned the pine tree into a group (followed Andrew Price's tutorial - the trunk and branches were separated) When I apply the particle system, n[...]

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