olasanda asked Blender add-on

I am looking for an add-on called AUTO EXECUTION: Auto Run Python Scripts. Does anyone know where/how to get this ? Ola

RealClovis asked Glowing Smoke Effect

Hello everyone, can anyone tell me how to make such glowing smoke like this one: [img][/img] I'm actually making something with that kind of object but I don't kno[...]

ElvenTimeLord asked Deleting Account

Do you know if I'm able to delete my account? This is a great website but the model formats weren't compatible with the program I'm using. Thanks!

Chirag02 asked Storyboard for free

Hi, I'm working on a blender short film as most people know but I'm having trouble in the storyboards. I don't have any storyboard artists on my team and suck at drawing. Does anybody know of free and cheap storyboard software's or methods for people that [...]

rc6 asked Popping CC Lens Effect

Hi, I've been wanting to do the CC lens popping effect, in Blender, on some footage for a while and have had a go at trying to find a way to do it in Blender myself by using the Lens Distortion in the compositor but it really just doesn't look like the rea[...]

InsaneDropThePone asked Compositing in BGE

I would like to add flares and such to Blender games and from what I've heard, that doesn't seem to work out too well. Is there a way to add working compositing nodes in the Blender Game Engine?

BlenderGE asked Extrude or Sculpmode?

Im modelling a FPS Hand for my Game. So im gonna model the hand with a plane. After i finished i will make the plane to a 3d objekt. But is it better to extrude on the Z achse or to sculp the Hand on the Z achse. Were nice for answers ;)

abjain01 asked Blender Project

why blender takes a so much time in saving a project. I made choclate project with the help of youtube but it took a 6 hour to save

SiegeProductions asked How to make a electric moving texture?

I thought it would be cool to make a knife for my game where I could have electric lines moving all over the knife blade, like the energy sword in Halo. But I don't know how to make a texture that's constantly changing. If someone could tell me how to ach[...]

Th0mas asked Game Engine Plant Animation

Hi there, I need plants for my game (which i already have) but i need them to move in the wind. So how can i animate plants?

CaptainRex asked Smashing a car tutorial or ideas?

Hi, I am making a short film and I have a few shots of a cars being smashed. 1. A car getting hit by a giant robot. 2. And a car having some building debris fall on it. I have tried to use shape keys and stuff, but I really need a tutorial or an idea o[...]

MahmoodDZ asked Blend Pending

My blend has been pending to be published for 3 days without getting notified if it's accepted or not. Why?!

FifthLine asked Mapping an Animated Texture to plane?

The name I gave this question may be wrong for what I'm attempting, but that doesn't matter... Alrighty, so I have been trying to make an animation with one of Minecraft's End Portals, however I do not have the knowledge of how to map the texture it uses [...]

BlenderGE asked Realistik texturing and compositing

Hi, Im working with CaptainRex on an FPS Game. Now we have some Guns, but the textures are missing ;( I use Gimp for the textures, but can someone give me tips for good texturing. I watched much Vids but no one really helped me:D I give you a link for a[...]

NicholasAnderson asked mesh problem with subsurf

I am making an [elephant]( but when I turn on the subdivision surface it looks like [this]( Why do the legs lose part of the [...]

greek10 asked baked normals

I have been wandering what "baked normals" are, I know what normals are but I honestly had never heard baked normals before. could someone please explain to me what they are?

BKASSASSIN asked Please help ,I want to make map for FPS.How can I do?

I want to make big city map with Blender.(Streets,Homes,Builds etc.) But i can't find big city map in internet.How can i do COD,Battlefield map in Blender? Texture isn't important now. It is hard I know, but please help me.You can give .blend file for it.

rc6 asked Relections of footage?

Hi, I've been wanting to do this effect for a while and have wondered if it is possible in Blender so, is it possible for me to add some footage and motion track some text into the scene and have to text reflect the surrounds of the footage, like a mirror?[...]

marthana80 asked my make humans dont render!!!

hello! I am using makehumans and blender and all was woeking fine but all of the sudent some of my carachters dont appear when I render!! all its there furniture, etc but they are gone! any ideas? i am using blender 2.67 thanks

Navvaro asked Character

Hey guys i work with blender some times and i want to ask you how to designe my character and then model it?

iconjone asked How to texture?

I want to texture a object, approved) I was wondering if anyone could help me or direct me to an tutorial. Also by texture, I have a smooth object and I want to make it ha[...]

kilix19980 asked Textures ?

So i made a road addet textures and exported them as FBX file but when i add them to Unity 5 the object is just grey no textures what so ever P.S i added textures like this Project from wiew and i added them from UV mapping

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