SiegeProductions asked Game Mod?

What does it mean if someone says you can use a model, let's say a character, for a game mod?

NicholasAnderson asked missing textures in standalone game

I am working on a game based on the maze runner and i have the walls and ivy textured. when I export the game as a standalone and I play it, the textures of the walls and the ivy are missing (magenta colored) but every other texture still exists. what can [...]

AxelVIII asked The Image and The File...

So, this is my first time doing this stuff, and I tried to submit a model of some wine glasses, and noticed that it was mandatory that I had to also submit a rendered picture or 3D-preview of my models. So, I submitted a rendered image, but a message popp[...]

sniardrgs asked Files blender

Hi if i see a file that i upload it and like it, can i use it in my work? should i reference that some part was taken by here, give credits? or is it free, you can download, use and ok?

alfryan12 asked Upload Blend

i want to upload my blends, but I do not know how to upload my blends. Can someone help me?

Fadi1 asked BGE_ Right Joystick controller for camera help

Hello I am currently working on a 3rd person game and wanted the game to be controlled via joystick controller( ps2 ). I wondered if anyone could help me please control the camera with the right joystick, as i am having trouble figuring it out. I am actua[...]

NicholasAnderson asked Clouds for Blender Game Engine

I am currently working on a new game in Blender. It is based on The Maze Runner movie. Is there any way to make clouds that look at least okay in the game engine without using a plane with a texture of clouds on it and putting it as a backdrop?

squibbletoon asked Palettes in blender

I am trying to find out how to put my own palette of colours into blender I know it can be done but I am unsure how ? any help would be greatful .

Shadahan asked Help with rather simple TEXTURING

I have made a model from a casual mobile game (quite low poly), rigged it with ik rig, all good. Just that i don't know how to texture it, i am new to photoshop and i feel like a kid on the plane (I DUNNO WHAT I AM PRESSING) and i don't know how to use c[...]

deep123 asked Facial Rig

Please some one guide me through a detailed tutorial on facial rigging. I would avoid shape keys. Thank you in advance! :D :)

brinux asked to apply on not to apply modifiers

Greetings, New to BlendSwap, and have a "best practices" question. Is it best, when done modeling, to apply all the modifiers? (such as mirror, subsurf, solidify, etc.) Is it best to apply others while leaving other modifiers in place? I'm very curious abo[...]

BGEking asked Are the blends supposed to look like this?

Hey all, i was just wondering if the blend page only looked like this for me or if this is a bug, or what. []([...]

SiegeProductions asked Halo 3 the covenant map? Similar.

I would like to know if anyone could help me model a portion of the covenant map from halo 3. Here's a link to the map, if you haven't played halo 3. I only want to model the area up to about minute 1:00 to [...]

MarcoYolo asked Scripting

Hey guys I already know that you need scripting for simulations in BGE. The problem is I don't know how to script. So I don't know what scripts you need, but if you know of any scripts please tell me. It has to work with hair particles.

medaziz asked need help from a 3D modeler

hellow every one i am making an online game from the best anime fairy tail i am asking you to help me with characters if anyone can make natsu and elza and lucy models i will be very thunkfull to him and his name will be writen in the credits

MINI101 asked Object Linking Problems

Hi, I have created a tree and used a particle system for the leaves. When I link in the tree and the leaves into a new scene the leaves are visible but when I use the tree in a particle system only the tree is visible and not the leaves and it renders the [...]

MarcoYolo asked BGE Particle System

Guys I'm trying to make a forest in BGE, but since I'm just gonna be lazy and use the particle system. But it lags like hell if I start the game engine after I convert the particle system. So if anyone knows of a tutorial please just put the link below or [...]

spenny asked built in occlusion? can i turn that off?

Hello, as the title would suggest, i think that blender 2.74 has some kind of built in occlusion/culling thing for BGE. is there a way to turn it off, because its VERY broken and culls out models when they are in the middle of the screen. i have already [...]

CaptainRex asked Where are my followers?

I was wondering where my followers are? I know where the button is and I clicked the popup that said to "Restore your followers" but the page still says nothing. Thanks for you time in making Blend Swap the best site ever. Cheers, Rex

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