Uploading Blends

To upload a new blend follow these steps:

  • From the top menu select Blends > Share New Blend
  • You will be showed the Compliance Statement. Make sure you read it, understand it and follow it to the letter before hitting the button at the end of the page.
  • When you accept the Compliance Statement the New Blend form will appear. Fill out the form fields and hit submit at the end of the form. You won't be able to upload your files from this first print of the form.
  • When the form is submitted your data is processed by the server, when the data has been saved the form will refresh and NOW you will be able to upload your preview images and blend file.
  • When you're done uploading your files hit save for the new blend or visit it's page linked from the form's title with a numeric hash.

Blend file management

Please check out our page with info about file management for more information on how to prepare your file to be uploaded to blend swap.

  • Last updated on January 29, 2013, @ 05:27 am (America/Chicago)