Uploading Blends

Uploading to Blend Swap has pretty much stayed the same, but we have added a lot of improvements to the old form and some new features we know you'll love.

To upload a new blend do the following:

  • Select Blends > Upload from the top menu drop down.
  • Read and accept the Upload Rules and notes, if they get updated you should see an admin notification in your dashboard.
  • Once in the form, fill out every field marked with a red asterisk ( * ), if you dont' select or fill out all the red marked fields your upload won't validate and you'll have to re-try it. You will find the file inputs at the end of the form, click them and select the files you want to upload, a blend file (naked .blend or wrapped in a zip) and an image file ( .jpg, .png or gif ).
  • Submit the form. If the upload is successful you'll be taken to the blend's page, and see it as it will look when published. If the upload fails completely you'll be brought back to the form and your errors/omissions will be marked with a small red notice explaining the cause of the failure.
  • The upload process is complete when you see your new blend as it looks when published. Your blend will be held for moderation and you'll be notified when it goes live (if you have checked this option in your Account notification settings).
  • when the upload is successful you can, if you like, upload more images; up to 5.

A cool feature we've added for the upload process is data loss prevention: If all your entered data is valid but one of the files fails to upload, say, because you submitted a .rar file (which is not allowed), the blend is created anyway, and saved, but you are taken to special file manager to retry your blend upload.

We have a welcome committee for your .blend file :)

We have also added a cool management feature called Re-packer, it consists of a script that reads your files and packs them into a nice zip file with a license file in it, as many people have requested before.

When you upload a single "naked" .blend file it is compressed and packed for distribution, if you upload a .zip file we first unpack it, attach the license file and then re-pack it, while preserving all its internal structure.

You can take full advantage of the Re-packer with other file and folder setups we recommend you to use.

The repacker also has a number of formats it preserves and anything outside this array of formats is ignored. Please check out our file management page for more information on how the Re-packer works and the file formats it supports.

  • Last updated on January 29, 2013, @ 05:27 am (America/Chicago)