Translation Project (aka i18n)

This project has been dropped, and all translations will be removed from Blend Swap on May 1st, 2015.

With the release of Blend Swap Version 5 we have the benefit of being able to translate most of the UI to your language thanks to the built-in support for Internationalization that comes with our base software CakePHP.

You can help too!

If you're good at your language and wanna help you can fork the open translation repository on Github. For detailed instructions on how to get setup have a look at the README on The Main Github Fork.

Report errors.

Do report missing strings, typos, and other mistakes to the Fork Owners:

You should report typos, mistakes, grammar errors and everything else in your language to each language fork owner.

Spanish: Poifox (Main Fork).

German: Cerfribar (Fork / main), ExTheSea (Fork / corrections).

French: Pyrophorus (Fork)

Polish: Ttomek32 (Fork).

Serbian: Vido89 (Fork).

Arabic: khalid_srri (Fork).

Portuguese: giuliana (Fork)

More translators will be added here as new Languages get merged into the main repo.

Changing default language:

Language settings are on the Account and Settings Panel which you can access form the dashboard's left navigation items.

  • Last updated on April 17, 2015, @ 02:24 pm (America/Chicago)