The Dashboard is your central information hub on Blend Swap. From the dashboard you can view pretty much anything that's happening on the site. 

Model Page

You might not notice all the new features on the model pages with just a glance but on closer look you will find a ton of new features to help you show more.

Associate Account

An Associate Account is our "Premium Account" It cost $10/mo or $88/yr. The Associate Account enables Advance Stats, Unlimited Downloads, Blend Requests, Collections, No Ads and many other killer features.

Here are the features you get for being a Associate Member, we've thought long and hard about what to give our paying members and have also into taken into account all of the feedback you've giving us for features you would like to have.

As a Associate Member you get:

Unlimited Bandwidth 

Plain and simple.

Advanced Stats

Want to see how many views a certain model of yours is getting or how many other artist are now following you. Or who likes your models, we have implemented a full range of stats for both you and your models.

Portfolio Gallery

A new feature we've added for Associate Members is the Gallery/Portfolio section. Think of this as a way to showcase your work that you don't want to upload models for. You can upload just images of your work. This is a great way to show more of your work to potential clients.

Advanced Search

The new advanced search allows you to search models by name, license used, and blender version. Allowing you to find exactly what you want quick and easily.

Full Size Previews

We now allow you to upload and image up to 1024x1024px.

Model Collections

Collections allow you to save models you like into separate folders or Collections. So lets say you're doing a SciFi shot, you could make a SciFi collection then add models you like into that collection. To use collections just click the Add to button under the model preview image, from there you can create a new collection or simply add the model to a collection you have already made by clicking on the collection name.

For Hire Badge

We've also implemented a new For Hire badge in the edit profile section. If you are interested in being contacted for hire enable this option and a For Hire badge will show up on your profile and comments.

Custom Index Page

In the edit profile section of your account you can now set the default number of blends you want to see in the model indexes. You can choose either 20, 40 or 60 models per index.

No Ads

  • Last updated on April 18, 2015, @ 01:56 am (America/Chicago)