Blend Requests

Blend Requests are the best way to ask for a specific blend to be made for you, on demand, by some of our users with the time and drive to fill your model needs.

To open unlimited Requests you must be an Associate Member, as this is a premium feature. Free users can open up to one request a month.

To answer a Request you can be any level of user. We want to encourage all our users to answer blend requests as a way to practice their modeling skills and to support other artists that may be in need of some work.

Users who respond to a request make 10 points and are also awarded 10 Megabytes of extra, persistent bandwidth that doesn't expire until spent. ;)

Blend Requests are a tool for Associate Members that enables them to request a specific blend to be made for them by the community.

Associate Members who are also directing or coordinating movie/game projects and in need of more assets than they can find in our library can file Blend requests so the community can fill in the gaps.

This feature requires users to purchase an Associate Membership for the following reasons:

Blend Swap has 90+ thousand users, we don't want to create a never-ending flood of requests, specially unanswered ones.

We're focusing on getting these kind of power features to a pro audience, along with other functions of the site so we can keep the site growing.

If you would like to open a Blend Request and use other premium features on the site, we encourage you to become an Associate Member.

  • Last updated on December 16, 2013, @ 11:36 am (America/Chicago)