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Documentation / Get your model through moderation.

We get quite a few models here on Blend Swap and if you've ever uploaded a model or two you've probably received a rejection letter from one of our admins. So to take some of the mystery out of the moderation process I'm going to explain some of the main things we look at in determining wether a model is approved or rejected. Follow these steps and you will be much closer to getting your models published on Blend Swap.

Do a good preview / render image

Try your best to make a good render of your model. Poorly executed rendering is not compelling, and you will surely get criticisms for that in your blend. You should strive for creating a quality product, and also to publicize it nicely ;)

Also, we suggest you upload SQUARE renders for a good reason, they get cropped when you upload. This is to keep the site consistent, with all previews the same size. Try to follow the recommended size and CENTER your model so it doesn't get chopped off.

Remove doubles from your mesh

We want to be a source for production ready assets, and this includes not forcing the final users of your blends to spend too much time fixing things you should've done in the first place; like removing doubles.

By submitting a blend with double vertices and faces you are bloating the file with double the geometry data, which of course is totally unnecessary. Please be careful to enter edit mode and do a Remove Doubles with the help of the [SPACEBAR] context menu.

Check other uploads on Blend Swap.

Blend Swap now has about any object you can think of so we recommend you check for similar models to see the minimum quality expectancy from us; specially the newer ones, which have been approved with tighter quality criteria.

So if you're uploading a lamp, first do a quick search for lamps on the site and see what caliber of lamps there are and go for making an even better lamp! We just want you to demand more of yourself and become a better artist ;)

Keep working on it.

Let's be honest, if you are just beginning with 3D art, you still have a lot to learn. Even pros have a lot to learn all the time. We know you love your model and can't wait to share it but maybe you should practice more to get things going in the right direction.

We don't want you to take a model rejection as a personal vendetta, instead please understand that we have to push the quality of the assets we offer a little higher to advance both you as an Artist and the Community.

Being a noob is nothing to be ashamed of, we all started there. Some of us are still there but we manage to keep it up, make it better every time. If you upload a model that just plain isn't good, it will be rejected; not because we hate you, but because it's just not good enough.

The best thing to do is practice, and practice, and practice :)

Make sure you take a look at this news article where I discribe in a little more detail some other things that will get your model rejected:


Last updated on April 11, 2014, @ 01:39 pm (America/Chicago)