Membership Levels

There are two main Membership Levels on Blend Swap:

Free Membership:

Everybody can signup for a Free Membership on the site by simply filling out the registration form and visiting the user validation link we send to your email [1].

With a Free membership you get access to download from our Assets library depending on your contribution level. You are immediately given 200 MB/month as a baseline for downloads [2], you can download as many blends as that ammount allows you to and you can create One Public Blend Collection and as many Questions as you like. You can leave comments, vote on them and add Likes as well.

When you share your first blend [3], and thus become a Swapper, your bandwidth baseline jumps up to 300 MB/month, and you get a bonus of 10 MB/blend/month, up to 10 blends, which will give you 400 MB/month when you have shared 10 blends or more. As a  Swapper you also get the chance to open One Blend Request a month.

Associate Membership:

If the Free Membership is not enough for your needs, we offer the Associate Membershipp which is a paid $10/month, $80/year membership with which you get Unlimited Download Bandwidth, Unlimited Blend Requests, Unlimited Blend Collections, Lightboxed Full Size Previews, Extended Profile, Profile Portfolio, Advanced Stats, Advanced Search, For Hire Badge, Associate Badge, and the chance to see up to 60 blends per index page.

The associate Members help keeping the site going with their paid subscriptions. We thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts.

[1] PLEASE CHECK YOU SPAM/JUNK EMAIL INBOX, MOST EMAIL PROVIDERS WILL PUT OUR AUTOMATED EMAILS IN THERE. Additionally, please remove Blend Swap from your spam filter by indicating your email provider we do not send spam email.

[2] Free Accounts are limited on bandwidth because our server has limited bandwidth as well and the site just keeps growing up.

[3] Your blend has to be approved and published, which is subject to the Upload Rules and Terms of Use of the site.

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