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Documentation / MD5 checksum information

MD5 is a Message Digest algorithm commonly used for data integrity validation and we offer support for it on Blend Swap for your downloads.

You can omit this verification on your end, but for those interested in checking the integrity of the blends they download they should already know how to do it. In a few words, when you check the downloaded file with md5sum in your system, the resulting string should be exactly equal to the one we display, otherwise the file you got broke in the downloads process due to different causes.

MD5 is also useful to diagnose if a file is broken on the Blend Swap end: if you do an md5 checksum and the strings are equal but the file appears to be corrupt, please report the blend!

Most POSIX systems (Mac OS X, Linux) come with MD5 checksum utilities and they are normally used from the command line. Windows does not but there are utility programs for it as well.

If you're interested in knowing more about MD5 checksums, check out the Wikipedia page.

Last updated on January 29, 2013, @ 05:40 am (America/Chicago)