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** Blender ** is the world's best Open Source 3D creation suite.
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There are plenty of amazing tutorials on the internet for you to try and do your own amazing models, games, simulations and movies.

Dive into this educational ocean and start perfecting your skill set now!

Blender Basics

Learn the very basics of Blender from installation to setup and key strokes, from the Blender education masters CGCookie.com.

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Cycles Render Engine

Cycles is the brand new awesome renderer that comes with Blender ready to create very realistic scenes. Blender Guru's overview will get you started with it in no time.

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The Blender Compositor is one of the key pieces that allows you to create awesome 3D art. Greg Zaal walks you though some of it's nuances.

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Camera Tracking

One of the latest addition to Blender's arsenal is Camera Tracking. Dive into it and create some cool Hollywood-esque sequences!

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Blender Guru teaches you how to make an awesome explosion with the Blender Smoke Simulator.

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Want to become an animator? Then check out this very simple, yet thorough introduction to animation in blender 2.5+ from CG Masters.

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Lighting theory

Ben Simonds wrote this great overview of lighting basics and how to achieve the different types in Blender

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You can find tons of more tutorials on almost any part and feature of Blender on:

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