Known Issues


Blend Swap is built for modern browsers. We have tested and re-tested every little corner of the site on the latest versions of most popular and standard compliant web browsers to offer you the best user experience we can afford.

Blend Swap has been tested thoroughly and works with no detectable problems on these browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 35+.
  • Google Chrome 40+.
  • Opera 12+.
  • Apple Safari 5+.
  • Internet Explorer 10+.
  • Mobile Google Chrome (tested on Samsung Galaxy S4).

The following browsers have not been tested for fully working experience and we do not guarantee they will work properly with Blend Swap:

  • Earlier versions of browsers listed above,
  • Any mobile browser not listed above,
  • Any browser not listed above, including but not limited to Camino, Flock, Konqueror, Netscape, Seamonkey, etc.

If you experience problems while using Blend Swap please let us know to see if we can replicate your problem and try to find a fix for you and others. However  before getting in contact we encourage you to try the site from another browser and see if your problem persists. Try the following debugging techniques to try and solve your problem before contacting us:

I can't register a new account on the site because I can't fill the reCAPTCHA field.

This happens when you use the Site behind https://, you should therefore not use the secured version of the site, since browser will reject the reCAPTCHA normal connection to Google's server, please access the registration pag using this link: 

I can't recover my account, I never get the emails.

Our server handles passwords resets aotumatically, this feature is thoroughly tested and @poifox resets his password at least once a week to make sure it does work. There are a number of email providers that refuse to receive our automated emails including,,,, and some other Eastern Europe email providers. The actual reasons why Blend Swap is blacklisted in these emails are unknown to us.

We have emiled these providers to ask them to please remove Blend Swap from their blacklists and we haven't got any answer from them. If you are consistently unable to retrieve your account please get in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or IRC (channel #blendswap)(Monday to Friday, office hours US Central Time) so we can help you get your account back.

Some of our links may work with hashes or just # in their href attribute. We stop the default behavior of these links with JavaScript. If your browser window resets to the top of of the page when clicking one of these links then this is a symptom of one of the following problems:

  • JavaScript is disabled in your browser. You already must have seen a big red notice about this setting when loading the site. Just enable JavaScript in your browser to see if functionality is restored.
  • A buggy plugin is messing up the JavaScript interpreter. Some plugin for your browser may have bugs that interfere with the normal functioning of your browser's JavaScript interpreter. Turn all your plugins off and see if the site works fine for you. If it does, then a plugin is causing the problem. Turn each plugin back on one by one, testing again after each activation. When the functionality breaks you've spotted the culprit.
  • Your security suite, firewall or antivirus is too paranoid. Sometimes security measures interfere with Blend Swap. Try adding Blend Swap to your trusted sites on your security suite and see if the problems stop.

Download does not start after accepting the license.

When you download a file from Blend Swap, your browser is notified that what it's getting is a .zip file.

At this point, your browser should ask you what you want to do with the file it's receiving (Except for Google Chrome which will start the download as soon as it detects it), if for some reason your browser can't understand what our server is telling it, the download will fail.

Older versions of Internet Explorer will sniff the file type when the download starts and will default to opening it in any relevant program you may have installed on your machine, instead of saving it. You should keep an eye on what your browser does when the file is forced onto it to avoid any confusion.

If your browser actually does nothing, please check, as listed above, for conflicting plugins and your security suite for possibly problematic settings.

Plugins known to be problematic in Safari:

  • Ultimate Status Bar will prevent downloads from begining and will throw you right at the OH HAI! error page.

I can't find the file I downloaded, where is it?

We couldn't possibly know, it's up to you and your browser configuration where the file is put.

Normally (as in "by default") most browsers will put your downloaded file in a folder called Downloads inside your home folder, but if for some reason this setting was changed by you or someone else using your computer, and you can't find the file; we can't know where your computer or browser is putting it.

To solve this please check your browser configuration to see where the downloads are being put and/or use your Operative System's search utility to find the file.

I can't upload my files to Blend Swap, I get a 404 error page every time.

Any form that you are presented with here on Blend Swap is valid for half an hour from the moment it is rendered in your browser. When you are uploading a new blend this security measure is in place and active, so if your blend takes longer than 30 minutes to upload the entire process will fail and the form will be expired.

Many users go back in ther browser but this only makes the issues worke, because when you go back in your browser you are reloading the expired form, which of course will fail again the next time you submit it. To refresh the upload form (or any expired form for that matter) got back to the form page and RELOAD your browser though [CTRL] + [R] ([Cmd] + [R] on the Mac), this will give a brand new, valid form you can fill out and submit.

If you're uploading to Blend Swap and you can't avoid your file taking too long to finish uploading, we suggest you upload from somewhere else, like an Internet café or a friend's place with faster Internet access.

The form expiration technique is in place to harden Blend Swap's site security, we're sorry if this causes you any inconvenience, but we are not removing this security barrier any time soon.


Starting with version 5.5 of Blend Swap, The blend submission form doesn't expire any more as it uses some more advanced techniques for uploading like drag and drop and asynchronous style data submission. You can stop worrying about this being an issue in the future.

My browser crashes when I try to access the Blend Swap site.

Very rarely, some users will see their browser crash when using or simmply landing on Blend Swap. Unfortunately we have been unable to replicate this problem in all the browsers we test the site with. We have received only 3 reports of this sort in the 5-year history of the site; which points us to think this is most likely caused by a browser configuration or some other type of local error. But we're not sure and we're willing to be proven wrong if you can get this to replicate somehow.


Before releasing big changes on the site, all the code that comprises Blend Swap is thoroughly tested with the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. On our tests all browsers (except Google Chrome) have no addons, customizations or plugins.

We also test on different Operative Systems: Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04. Bugs might exist in the Blend Swap software but we may not be aware of them at the time we've released the code update.

We release major updates to the site after these tests are done and passed, however we make no warranties that Blend Swap will work perfectly on your PC or that the site is flawless.

Reports of failures are very infrequent; our user base comprises around 400 000 accounts and we get no more than 3 reports of failure a week, this mostly points to the user's local configuration problem on either their PC, software running at the time of failure, Internet connectivity, Local Area Network (wired or Wi-Fi), or security settings.

We will work to find a way to get you setup to use the site with no problems in the way, but ultimately it's your responsibility to keep your computer fine tuned and the software you use updated and clean of buggy plugins to avoid problems when using the Internet and Blend Swap.

If you feel your issue does not fall into the categories described above please send us a bug report to let us know of your problem so we can arrange for a possible fix, work-around or update to our code.

  • Last updated on February 09, 2015, @ 09:46 am (America/Chicago)