For Hire

Associate Members on the site can mark themselves as available for serious work. This is a new feature to Blend Swap version 5 we have included to help professional Artists using the site promote their career in 3D and help them make a name in the Blender Community.

If you would like to use the For Hire setting so other users can see you are available for paid jobs, just head over to your Dashboard. Under the Management Header in your sidebar click on Edit Profile. If you scroll down toward the bottom you should see the advanced section where you can check I'm available for Hire. Additionally select up to four skills you're most proficient at from the list below, hit the save button and you're done.

After adding these settings you will be given a For Hire Badge, which will appear on your profile and on every comment you leave on the site! You will also enter the Artist Finder Index, for others to locate you by skills.

Employers can use the Artist Finder to locate new artists for hire, so you can start talks for a paid job with the artist. You can use the private messaging system to communicate with the artist and setup further talks with your new artist.

The Artist Finder displays all the Associate Members marked as For Hire with those with the most points at the top. You can sort the results by other criteria and filter them with the dropdown on the left to see only the artists under a certain skill you are looking for.

We hope the new For Hire badge and the Artist Finder help you get more jobs and contacts in the community, giving you the opportunity to do real-world work and gain experience through this. If you have any ideas or questions about these features please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Last updated on January 29, 2013, @ 05:52 am (America/Chicago)