How do I cancel my Associate Membership?

You can cancel your Associate Membership any time from the Paypal admin panel, please have a look here for more detailed information.

How do I reset my password?

Logged in or off? It doesn't matter! just go here. NOTE: If you are unable to reset your password because you don't get our automated emails, get in touch with us on our IRC channel #blendswap

Why was my file rejected?

In the past we have faced criticisms about the quality of the work we allowed on the site, which tended to make our assets library seem useless to some users. We strive to be the source for quality, production ready assets for the Blender Community; and with this goal in mind we have to enforce higher and stricter quality standards on the blends we post to the site. If your blend gets rejected don't take it personal, we encourage you to practice more and upload again later, when your skills are more refined.

Here is a great article on the top reasons "Why your Model was Rejected."

Do I have to be registered to download blend files?

Yes. As a registered user you can share your models with the rest of the community to become a Swapper and start gaining reputation on the site.

You can also get an Associate Account, which will get you a sweet set of enhancements and access to locked features.

Why is there a download limit?

The Blend Swap community has been growing non-stop for three years now, but our resources, server space and allocated bandwidth are limited and expensive. You can get all the details in the Unlimited Downloads page.

If I buy an Associate Account, am I paying for the blends?

No. You are paying for the extra server resources you use with your Associate Account including the extra bandwidth and the more expensive database requests you can use when you're an Associate Member. We also enhance your account, profile and site features.

With a Free Account you can always download all the blends from the site for free, if you wait long enough (currently a couple years).

Also keep in mind that making multiple accounts is forbidden, and we will ban you if we catch you doing this. By making multiple accounts to overcome the bandwidth limit you are using more server resources than we can afford.

Why Creative Commons Licenses?

We believe in openness and Free Culture as a way to let you get, learn from and use good 3D assets made by other fellow Blender artists.

We also support Non-Commercial licenses because of our commitment to allow artists take control over their art.

What are Karma Points?

Karma Points is the sum of all the Comment points you get on the comments you've left on the site, the more points you have, the more reputable you become on the site. We use these points to rank cool commenters on the Users index.

Why are there models marked as Fan Art?

Fan Art is a very muddy zone when it comes to licensing it as Open Source, mainly because the designs are not your own. Apple computers, anime/cartoon characters, brands, logos and other copyrighted or trademarked material, is not sub-licensable under Open Source licenses and so we're forced to include a warning on the model page or switch the blend to an NC license to avoid trouble for you and Blend Swap.

We strongly suggest you work on your own original designs and keep fan art to your self, but if you decide to share it on Blend Swap given that we can't know all possible copyrighted material out there and according to our Terms of Use, we have to remind you it's ultimately your responsibility if you violate someone else's copyright or trademark.

Do you support realtime 3D web viewers?

Actually yes! You can use either P3d.in or Sketchfab in your swapped blends to allow other users preview and inspect your model before they download it. If you see a blue icon on the blend index box, it surely has a 3D preview. You can find the 3D preview toggle in the preview images toggles which pop up when you hover the big image preview.

Can I use CGTextures.com files in my swapped blends?

NO. CGTextures.com, as with majority of free-of-price (or paid-for) texture assets providers, allows neither redistribution of their files nor Creative Commons sub-licensing of their materials. You can not distribute even heavily modified versions of the textures they provide, as stated in their licensing policy.

While you can (and should) keep using their services for your private and commercial work, you must avoid using them for assets you share anywhere because this is a violation of their re-distribution policy.

Please make sure to read and understand other sites’ licensing policies before using their services and even attempting to use them in your blends on Blend Swap and other sites.

How do I unzip a file downloaded from Blend Swap?

Blend Swap now exclusively uses .zip compression. You should be able to decompress the files you download from us with your system's built in decompression utility. If you'd like to use other Apps for this, we recommend 7zip, WinRar, UnRarX, Keka and other good decompression utilities available for your OS.

Why is every model I download in wire frame mode?

More than likely this is because you are trying to open a blend made with Blender 2.63+ file in a pre-BMesh version of Blender (2.62 and below), updating to the latest version of Blender normally solves this issue.

I have problems downloading

Some users might experience problems downloading, we have prepared a specific page for these problems, please check out our known issues page.

How do I get my model featured?

Make sure to upload an epic or really useful model, we'll surely notice it. Staff Picks is quite behind the latest blends, so in most cases it will take a while for it to be added to the list.

Why are DAZ3D, MakeHuman, etc. exports not allowed?

We believe that Blend Swap should be a place for you to learn the craft of 3D Art; we want you to get better at the base skills and through that maybe even make a career in 3D. We feel that uploading direct exports from mesh templating tools like MakeHuman, DAZ 3D, and the like, kills the purpose of seeing other artists solve things in their own unique way.

You CAN use mesh templating tools for swapped blends, say, to create a character; but you should work on it, dress it, texture it, make it amazing!

Mesh templating is a really useful tool if you lack time, but our goal is to host production-ready assets. Templating is the task and goal of MakeHuman and other similar tools, not Blend Swap's. 

One of my blends is suddenly offline and I didn’t edit it, what happened?

We might take blends offline without prior notice after it has been reported by another user or if we find suspicious data in the blend (possible ripping, sharing of copyrighted materials, or simply plagiarized). When a blend is reported the owner is notified right away, along with the admins who will moderate the report according to our Terms Of Use, the author is also asked to clarify the licenses of the dubious materials included in the blend file.

Further evaluation on the author’s behavior can proceed and in the worst case scenario, can even culminate, according to our Terms of Use, with us blocking the account permanently.

I uploaded a model to the site, but it wasn’t posted, what happened?

When a blend entry is created successfully you will see the blend's page as it looks when it's published. This is the final indicator that all went good and your blend is waiting for moderation (Or was published if you are a Trusted Uploader). If you don't see the blend's page or you get a server error of some sort, then your blend didn't make it to the server.

Blend Swap admins, according to our Terms of Use, Upload Rules, and File Quality Standards, can reject any blend that enters in conflict with the rules stated in these documents. If you get a blend rejected for any of the reasons stated in those documents, please don't take it personal. We just have to make sure the assets we offer are as good as they can possibly be for the end users.

What’s the Report button for?

The red Report button below the preview images area is for registered users to report / flag blends that may have irregularities with the files, their licensing, copyright, or authorship. It's a way for all users to help us moderate the entries we publish.

Remember: Please use this feature only when you are _sure_ about a problem with a blend entry, if you are not sure we recommend you use the contact form to submit your doubts. Also please ALWAYS include notes and links we can follow to help in our investigations.


Do you have a question of your own? Reach us from the Contact Form and let's talk about it.

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