Downloading Blends

Downloading Blends.

We have streamlined the Download process to allow you to download models with ease, while still letting you know some very important information about the blend, regarding Blender version compatibility and Licensing.

To download a blend file form Blend Swap, you have to register an account on the site, this will open the entire repository for you to get all the blends you can get within your monthly limits in bandwidth. Visit any of the blends' page, and look for the big orange button with the file size.

When you click this button and after a short delay a pop-up window will appear, reminding you of the blend license and how the files it contains can be used. The orange button on this pop-up window is a link to a special dispatcher that will push the file to your browser. In the dialog, click the orange  Yes. Download now! button to accept the license terms and start the download.


The file's size in Megabytes will be subtracted from your allowance as soon as you click this final confirmation button, if you cancel when your browser asks where to save the file it's too late already. Please remember this to avoid getting megabytes taken away from your monthly allowance.

If you are NOT OK with the blend's license terms you can press the Gray Cancel button to cancel the operation.

File Compatibility.

The files you download from Blend Swap are made with and for Blender 3D. You can't load these assets with other 3D software (Maya, Unreal, Sketchup) without the use of intermediary plugins and/or conversion tools.

The files you download from Blend Swap are compatible with any OS that has the following prerequisites:

  • A working copy of Blender 2.49+ installed in your system.
  • Standard zip unpacking utility software.

Zip Compression on Blend Swap.

All the files we distribute on Blend Swap are compressed in .zip format. With version 5 of the site, we stopped supporting other compression formats for both uploads and downloads. This is to provide a consistent experience regarding how you get and unpack the files.

To unpack/decompress the files on your computer do the following for each OS:

  • On Windows, right click, the zip file, and select Extract all, you can change the destination folder in the popup that will appear if you prefer to.
  • On Mac OS X, you can simply double click the file and it will be uncompressed in a couple of seconds.
  • On popular distros of Linux, like Ubuntu, you can also right click and select Extract here, to unpack the contents without any more steps.

If you have any trouble with our zip files please let us know so we can figure out the issue.



  • Downloads may fail from time to time. In previous versions of Blend Swap, your bandwidth was affected on every single download, including repeats for failures. In this version, after downloading a blend, you get 24 hours to retry the download without your bandwidth being affected by retrying until those 24 hours run out.
  • Please report any issues you may have while using the site and specially when downloading blends so we may know there's a problem and can work to solve it as soon as possible


  • It is very important that you follow the blend license requirements to save you from getting in trouble for incorrect or even illegal use of a blend or it's attached data and files.
  • To avoid getting yourself in trouble, research and learn as much as you can about Creative Commons Licenses
  • Other Legal Nuances:
  • You should be specially careful if you know the blend you are downloading contains logos, copyrighted materials or trademarked imagery or data. Please help us detect these blends by pressing the flag button on the Action bar and let us know if a blend should be attached with a legal warning about commercial use of the model or supporting files.

  • Last updated on April 28, 2014, @ 12:07 pm (America/Chicago)