The Dashboard is the central hub for all things happening on BlendSwap. It displays events related to the things you create, share and interact with on the Blend Swap network.

The most important objects on the site, say Users, Blends and Requests, generate events that everybody can follow. For example all Blends generate events every time a comment is left on their page and every other commenter on the blend will get a notification about the new comment [1].

This also happens for User Follows, where each user generates events that are sent to their followers so they can know what they are up to!

We have worked hard to make the new Dashboard as quick and useful as possible, so you can get the most out of it.

If you don't see much happening in your dashboard it's very likely because you don't interact much on the site; that is, you're not following many other users or haven't left many comments on Blends, Requests and other objects that have events.

To start seeing more events in your dashboard try leaving some feedback on a Blend or following some of our most enthusiastic users to see what they are up to.

You can unsubscribe from some objects you have interacted with, but you won't be able to unsubscribe from your own Blends and Requests as they belong to you. You also can't unsubscribe from the site's Global Events Feed, where we announce important notices and our News Blog.

You will be subscribed to Blend Comments, Request Comments, and News Updates Comments when you leave a comment on them. Downloads, Liking and other interactions do not subscribe you to those elements.

However, Responding to Blend Requests will subscribe you to that Request, as we can assume you are interested in what's being said in the Request's comment thread.

Things from a week ago disappeared from my Dashboard, why?

The Dashboard is based on a rather rudimentary subscription system where feeds own many events and users own subscriptions to those feeds.

Every time you load the dashboard your subscriptions are scanned, when we find a subscription where nothing has happened for 10 days, the subscription is sent to "sleep", so next time you load the dashboard the subscription will not be requested, saving us a lot of resources and processing time.

When a new event is posted to a feed, all subscriptions listening to the feed are re-enabled, so the events start showing up on your dashboard once again.

This may seem weird and even bothersome to some users, but this is how we can keep the site running smoothly and faster for you. The performance is very important since hundreds of thousands of subscriptions exists right now.

This behavior doesn't affect subscriptions to the global site feed, because this feed is vital for us to publish new Questions, Requests, and spcially, Admin Notices.

  • Last updated on January 26, 2014, @ 10:39 am (America/Chicago)