Blend Swap was initiated by Matthew Muldoon on December 3, 2009, and has since been converted into a LLC. in the U.S.

Blend Swap was developed at Poifox, a one-man Web-Dev studio based in Costa Rica, where Jonathan Acosta spends his days writing code.

Blend Swap is a big place and consists of tons of parts brought together so the site works across different Operative Systems and modern Web Browsers.

Blend swap is built upon lots of different technologies, most of them released under the MIT License, and others in the Public Domain for free use and adaptation.

  • CakePHP: a fast, solid, PHP framework, for building high demand Web applications.
  • jQuery: one of the most popular and powerful JavaScript libraries for the Web.
  • Handlebars: A cool js-based HTML templating tool.
  • Modernizr: A versatile, extensible JavaScript library for Web browser feature detection.
  • Tiny MCE: A powerful JavaScript text editor for our frontend text area input fields.
  • LiveJS: A live JavaScript re-loader used during development for previewing changes to CSS on the fly.
  • SASS: The most powerful CSS3 preprocessor.
  • PHP PayPal IPN: A fast and secure bridge for PayPal payments.
  • ReCAPTCHA: the standard captcha that also helps transcribing books!
  • PHP Markdown Extra: a cool markdown parser.
  • Markdown-js: A fast implementation of in-browser Markdown parsing.
  • Raphaël: An awesome js lib for creating svg graphics.
  • Morris.js: The coolest dataset plotting engine. 

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