Canceling your membership

Blend Swap's Associate Accounts can be cancelled any time from your PayPal admin panel. This is because the payment process is initiated by you from PayPal, when you pay your first term, when having auto-renew enabled, your account sends us notice of an automatic renewal and when you manually cancel your membership.

We currently can't provide a mechanism to cancel your membership from Blend Swap and we probably won't be able to offer you this feature anytime soon for security reasons, but if you really wish to cancel your paid Associate Membership with us, here are the steps to follow:


The screenshots in this how-to were taken from a test account and plan frequencies and other details are not what is used on the actual Blend Swap website. :)

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. In the overview panel, locate your Blend Swap membership creation item (it might be way back if you use PayPal frequently), and click on Details.
    • PayPal
  3. On the details panel, locate and click the Cancel link.
    • Locate cancel link
  4. A confirmation popup will display, hit Cancel Profile.
    • Cancel the profile
  5. After a few seconds a confirmation message will let you know that the subscription has been canceled

The notification might reach Blend Swap immediately or with some delay. When you cancel your membership we will deactivate it as soon as PayPal sends us notice of the cancellation.

If you experience any trouble with this functionality please let us know as soon as possible so we can give you priority support.

Thank you for the time you have supported us with your paid Associate Membership, we hope you can purchase another one in the future as this is of great help to the site.

The Blend Swap Crew.

  • Last updated on April 16, 2015, @ 09:31 pm (America/Chicago)