Blend Collections

Blend Swap also provides you with Collections, personal lists of blends into which you add what you want to add.

Likes are based on this feature but are used to give blends (and authors) more relevance on the site. Collections are more a personal thing, and you will be notified when someone adds a blend to a public collection.

There are also private collections, which no one but the oner can see. Provate collections is a premium feature for Associate Members only.

All users on the Site can create a public collection and Associate Members can also create private collections.

Using Collections.

When you browse through the site and access a single blend's page you'll see a green button that says "Collect" (or its equivalent in your language if available). Click on this button and wait for a couple seconds before seeing a list of your collections, when you see it click on the collection you want to put the current blend on and wait for a few moments; when the process is successful your collection will become highlighted, indicating the blend has been added to it.

To remove a blend from a collection click again on the highlighted collection; the collection will not be highlighted any more indicating that the blend has been removed form the collection.

To review all your collections select Me >> My Collections from the site's top menu.

Here you can edit and delete your collections.

  • Last updated on January 10, 2014, @ 06:44 pm (America/Chicago)