Blend Collections

Starting with version 5 of the site, you can create custom collections different from your likes collection, into which you can save lists of blends according to your own custom criteria.

Addig blends to collections

To add a blend to a collection just visit the blend's page and do the following:

  • Press the green button that reads Collect located under the preview images and author info. A dropdown box will appear when ready to collect; this box displays your collections.
  • Click on one of the collection names to add the current blend to that collection. Wait for a couple seconds. If the collection name is green it means that the current blend is already in this collection.
  • To remove a blend from a collection click on the collection names highlighted in green, the collection name will turn back to gray when the blend has been removed from the collection.

Creating New Collections

To create a new collection do the following:

  • Hit the very same Collect button on a single blend page, the collector box will display promptly.
  • If you're authorized to create a new collection you will see a little form at the bottom of the collector box, at which point you can enter a name for the collection and tick the checkbox to make the collection private[1].
  • Hit the Create Collection button and wait a couple seconds. Your new collection will display in the collector box's collection list in green, indicating that the blend was added to it when creating the collection.

Managing Your Collections

You can see a full index of your collections over here this index contains just a list of collections and a limited number of the blends they actually contain. To see the contents of a collection just click on it's title and you will be taken to an index for this particular collection.

You can edit a collection's details and contents by clicking the settings icon () nex to the collection name, in the collections index. The edit page lets you edit the collection's name and details and privacy settings[1]; this page will also let you list all of the contents of a collection and remove them if you like.

Free Accounts vs. Associate Members

Free Accounts can create only one public collection, while Associate Members can create unlimited public and private[1] collections.


  1. Available only to Associate Members
  2. It's not possible to edit your Likes collection because they're somewhat sensitive data for the site's inner workings.

  • Last updated on January 10, 2014, @ 06:44 pm (America/Chicago)