Bandwidth and Accounts

Blend Swap was born to supply the Blender community with 3D models, and other utility .blend files, for free, forever. Our blends are made by Blender users for Blender users and constitute a vast wealth of culture and 3D art.

However, we have limited resources, specially on the amount of download bandwidth that we can provide from our server each month, so we made the decision to, while keeping all downloads free, limiting how much bandwidth each user can get from the site each month, depending on whether the user has a Free Membership or has purchased an Associate Membership or Deadline Plan.

When you first register on the site, you get a base of 200 Megabytes per month of download bandwidth.

When you share your first blend your base jumps to 300 Megabytes per month, plus a little bonus of 10 Megabytes per month per shared blend (up to 10 blends) as a reward for being awesome and sharing your work with the Blender community for a max of 400 MB per month.

There is also the possibility of overcoming this limitation (and others) by purchasing a paid subscription with the site in order to pay for the extra resources used and supporting the site with a monetary contribution, which helps us pay our monthly costs as well as the development and maintenance of the site.

 Free Account

Bandwidth for Free Accounts is limited to a base amount of 200 Megabytes for new accounts and 300 Megabytes for Swappers (sharing members) getting 10 Megabytes per month more per shared blend, up to 10, for a grand total of 400 Megabytes per month.

 Associate Membership

Associate Members are those users paying a monthly/yearly fee to unlock Unlimited Downloads and a whole bunch of extra enhancements. Upgrade now to enjoy all the Associate Membership goodies!

 Deadline Membership

The Deadline Membership is a special plan with which you get 24 hours of Unlimited Downloads and Blend Requests. After 24hrs you're reset back to a free account .

Upgrade now to enjoy an enhanced 24 hour experience!


Special Bonuses

Which downloads count to be subtracted?

We register every single download you make, but we only count (and hence subtract from your monthly limit) a subset of them.

We subtract every download of a blend that is not yours, and that is not a re-download attempt, that is, within a 24 hour grace period after the first download attempt, these downloads are logged as complete, and you can review them on your Bandwidth History panel.

We DON'T COUNT downloads of your own blends, your re-downloads of somebody else's blend within 24 hours after the first download attempt; these downloads are logged as self-download and re-download respectively, and are not subtracted from your monthly bandwidth allowance.

Associate and Deadline Members may see their bandwidth counters go negative, this does not affect your Unlimited Bandwidth allowance and you can completely ignore these numbers until you are reset back to Free User.

  • Last updated on January 05, 2014, @ 12:29 pm (America/Chicago)