Associate Swapper Account

Associate Membership is our "Premium Membership" plan. It costs $10/mo or $80/yr.

As an associate, and in return for your support of the site we unlock a series of enhancements and exclusive features for your enjoyment:

Unlimited Bandwidth  

  • Plain and simple, we provide you with unlimited downloads, for as long as your membership is active.

Advanced Stats

  • In-depth numbers about how your blends are doing on the site, Downloads, Likes, Conversion Rates, and a graph to put it all in perspective. more stats are coming soon, specially for your user account stats.

Full Size Previews

  • On blends, Free Accounts get to see 400px by 400px previews, to save bandwidth, but as an Associate Member you get the full pictures if you click on the little magnify glass icon on the top left of the previews area, where a "lightbox" will show you a 1024px wide (max) preview.

Unlimited & Private Blend Collections

  • Collections allow you to save models you like into separate folders or Collections. Associate Members can create unlimited Blend collections, and even private ones which only you can see. To use collections just click the Add to button under the model preview image, from there you can create a new collection or simply add the model to a collection you have already made by clicking on the collection name.

Unlimited Blend Requests

  • Blend Requests are the best way to ask for a specific blend to be made for you, on demand, by some of our users with the time and drive to fill your model needs. Free members can create up to one collection a month, but Associates can create as many as they need.

More Blends per Page

  • In the edit profile section of your account you can now set the default number of blends you want to see in the model indexes. You can choose either 24 and 48 models per index.

No Ads

  • Associate Members, for contributing with the site are exempted from in-site ads, and get different sidebars with relevant content or no sidebar at all, depending on where you browse to.

Upgrade Now!

  • Last updated on May 12, 2014, @ 12:46 pm (America/Chicago)