Welcome to Blend Swap Version 5!

Welcome to Blend Swap Version 5!

Posted by poifox,November 30, -0001, 12:00 am

After three years of Blend Swap’s existence we have finally launched our fifth, shiniest --and most delayed-- version of the site. This is by far the most elaborate version of Blend Swap to date.

We stripped the whole site down to nothing and have rebuilt it from the ground up on a new, faster platform. You will still recognize the site when you visit it, everything still looks familiar. But we’ve made it faster, more stable and with a ton of new functionalities and features that you’ve all been asking for.

The first real hug feature is done all behind the scenes, it’s called the Re-Packer. You can now upload a zip file or a lone .blend and we will re-pack it for you in standard zip format and include a license file with it. All automatically.

We’ve also beefed up the search feature to allow you to search not only by keyword, but also by most downloads, license type, and the chance to filter out Fan Art blends.

The Dashboard has been completely overhauled, it’s more like a social network feed, and includes filters to different types of events. From the dashboard you can view recent comments made on your blends and blends you’ve commented on; you can also see when the artists you follow upload new blends via the Dashboard.

There is also in-site, private messaging, so now you can contact any artist privately and not through the comments. We’ve also added the @username auto-linking to most parts of the site where you can enter info and you will get notified if someone mentions your @username in comments.

A cool brand new feature that everyone gets is called Collections. Collections allow you to store files basically in a “folder” for later use.

We’ve really tried to give our Associate Members ($10/mo, $80/year) tons of new awesome features like Unlimited and Private Collections, For Hire Badge, Extended Profile, a Portfolio section and personal stats about all their blends. Plus no ads and the option to see upto 60 blends per page.

We still support P3d.in for live 3D previews and added support for Sketchfab with just the model url. Blends now also can feature Multiple Preview Images, up to 5 per blend. We’ve also improved a lot the download system, and now you have up to 24 hours to retry downloading a blend if it fails the first time.

Blend Requests have been reworked to be easier, WAY EASIER to use and answer.

A brand new Question and Answer section has been added to help you get questions answered from other blender users on the site about those Blender features you still need practice on.

Jonathan and I really poured over your requests, wants, and needs to try and give you as much as we could we really hope you all love the new site like we do.As always thanks to the whole Blender Community, without all of you Blend Swap would not be what it is today. Thank You!

Matthew / @mofx
Jonathan / @poifox