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Blendswap Update :READ

By mofx on Aug 17, 2011

Wow, that was about as fun as a gasoline enima. So we where moving the site over to another user to help separate it more and get more resources out of it. Well as you know that failed epically. Once moved the site didn't work at all, so it was then moved back and it partially worked but there was tons of stuff missing. I then tried a restore from the host's backup, ya that didn't really work out. Finally I got a tech guy that wasn't computer illiterate and he was able to restore the site from a couple days ago. And I think it's working ok. But as you can tell if you uploaded models in the last few days the site was live, they no longer work.

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Blend Swap Conduct

By mofx on Aug 05, 2011

Ok guys, so things lately on the site have gotten pretty complacent and Jonathan and I are having to do a lot more work on the backend. So I wanted to make a little post to remind EVERYONE what is expected of you on this site.

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Blend Swap Hacked!

By mofx on Jun 06, 2011

So over the weekend we received notice from our host and Google that our site had been compromised. After further investigation we found that spammers where cloaking off our website. Upon finding this out we immediately took the site offline and started trying to fix the issue, this involved resetting admin passwords, resetting database usernames and passwords, a complete wordpress reinstall and turning off the sites more advance features including AJAX dependent features, like the downloads serving scripts that became broken for a reason still unknown to us.

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Blend Swap 3.0.3. New Features!

By poifox on Jun 01, 2011

Version 3.0.3 arrived on Tuesday 31st of May, 2011; packed with some new cool stuff!

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Development, data updates, account deletions and more.

By poifox on May 25, 2011

I've been less occupied with development of the site but we already have an update coming next week with some nice features I'll let you discover when we have them live. Beta testers are encouraged to go into the development site and have a first look at them for testing and feedback.

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