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HJ Media Studio Contest Winners

By mofx on Oct 12, 2011

I first wanna thank all the contestants for entering their great models in the contest, every category winner was extremely close, with the most separation between winner and runner up being 3 points.

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We want your feedback!!!!

By mofx on Oct 03, 2011

This survey is over, thanks a lot for your input! we will now analyse the results to push Blend Swap one more step ahead. Again, thanks!

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Contest Announcement UPDATE!!!

By mofx on Aug 26, 2011

Ok guys, here's a little update for you first off cgmasters.net has been kind enough to offer us a Grand Prize for this contest. This will be the overall best model uploaded in any category will receive from cgmasters.net Both Character Creation Volume 1 and Character Creation Volume 2.

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The Rules

By mofx on Aug 18, 2011

By using this website you agree to follow our rules for the safety of yourself and the site. Any violation of these rules is subject to model removal, account removal, and general flaming by the admins.

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Blendswap Update :READ

By mofx on Aug 17, 2011

Wow, that was about as fun as a gasoline enima. So we where moving the site over to another user to help separate it more and get more resources out of it. Well as you know that failed epically. Once moved the site didn't work at all, so it was then moved back and it partially worked but there was tons of stuff missing. I then tried a restore from the host's backup, ya that didn't really work out. Finally I got a tech guy that wasn't computer illiterate and he was able to restore the site from a couple days ago. And I think it's working ok. But as you can tell if you uploaded models in the last few days the site was live, they no longer work.

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