Ton is looking for you!!!

Posted by mofx,August 20, 2010, 05:31 am

If you head over to the Sintel Blog there's a list of names that Ton is looking for clarification on. All these names come from the Durian Model Sprint held here on, so if you want your name in Sintel's credits you can email it to me or reply to the post of the Sintel Blog.

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Blendswap rating system is live.

Posted by mofx,May 18, 2010, 02:24 am

If you've been to the site in the last couple of days you've probably seen a ratings system at some stage or another. Well we are proud to announce that the rating system for Blendswap is now live. Members and guests are both allowed to rate models, so go ahead and give it a spin. One side note though, when rating a model don't just rate it based on how the render looks, download the blend and try out the model before you rate it. In other news the form system for Blendswap is still causing us some issues we are working on it as I type this and it should be fixed by tomorrow. We are also working on getting the licensing system worked out, hopefully the system will be live in the next week. Until then why not create a couple models and upload them to Blendswap. I know I would appreciate it. Oh, ya stay tuned for a special contest that we will be holding, trust me you want in on this one. Well I think that's it for now. -mofx/matthew

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Blendswap Improvements

Posted by mofx,April 16, 2010, 06:31 am

If you haven't noticed there is a poll on the right side of Blendswap listing five possible improvements to Blendswap. The poll is open until the end of this month at which time the winning improvement will be coded into the site. To give you a little more info on what each improvement consists of I shall explain them a little more.

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Image Cropping

Posted by mofx,April 05, 2010, 04:42 am

Ok so as many of you might have noticed, there are a lot of models that are getting cropped with no heads. Why is this? because I think it's amusing.... NO! Blendswap automatically crops images to a 475px x 300px which if my math is right, is a 19x12 ratio. So if you don't want the heads of your models cut off, I would suggest placing the head and shoulders in the middle of your final render. This way you  know your characters head will end up in the preview picture. Secondly, open Gimp or Photoshop or your favorite image editing software and crop the image to 475px x 300px before uploading to Blendswap and you will know exactly what your picture will look like once it is processed through the site.

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Blendswap Licensing?

Posted by mofx,March 14, 2010, 10:14 am

When I started I wanted every model uploaded to the site to be free for any use possible. However I've had a lot of questions and requests for using some kind of licensing to indicate what the models can be used for, so I am thinking of implementing Creative Commons licensing on, how I see this working is that when you upload a model, there will be a new drop down box that would include the CC licenses for you to choose from.

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