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P3D.in ready for live testing!

By poifox on Feb 10, 2012

Hi! We've been very busy lately with bringing more features to the site so you guys get more awesomeness in your blends all the time.

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Upgrade to Unlimited Bandwidth!

By mofx on Jan 28, 2012

We now offer the option of a Unlimited Subscription, signing up for Unlimited Subscription is a great way to support Blend Swap. Since our server needs keep increasing we needed a way to start bring in money to cover costs. Jonathan and I have given this a lot of thought and in offering a mMembership/Premium Account/Paid Account we wanted to make sure we didn't start limiting content that we offered to you guys/girls.

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Upload file structure.

By mofx on Jan 16, 2012

So yesterday I received a notice that had uploaded the model Lambreta XP70 Rendered With Cycles upon looking at the preview I decided to download this model cause it looked very nice (and it is). But once I downloaded the model, I was struck by something I found much more intriguing than the modeling work, texture, lighting or rendering. What really caught my attention was the great structure of the uploaded file. After you unzip this file here is what you will see.

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Blendswap 2011: A year in review

By mofx on Jan 02, 2012

Wow, 2011, what a year! A lot of things happened this year, so I thought I would highlight some of our successes, failures and just kind of give a recap of the year in total, from our perspective.

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Download Limiter Issues

By mofx on Dec 11, 2011

Hey guys, as some of you may have experienced there are some issues with the download tracker.

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