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1 Million Views... SAY WHAT!!! .:UPDATE WINNERS:.

By mofx on Jun 04, 2012

WOW.... wow, I'm not sure what else to say, I knew we where close to hitting the 1 million mark, but it was still an amazement when I saw this. I can honestly say I never imagined Blend Swap getting this big, Never. So Thank You All for sharing your models, helping others, promoting the site and just for being all around awesome-sauce!!

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Fantasy Character Contest WINNERS!!!

By mofx on May 08, 2012

So I think the general consensus on this contest was "that was a beast to judge" so I want to give a big thanks to our judges

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Membership survey

By poifox on Mar 26, 2012

Please take a couple minutes to answer to this survey.

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Fantasy Characters Contest Announcement :Updated!!

By mofx on Mar 01, 2012

Enter our new contest!, Create an awesome, full-featured, ready for production fantasy character and win awesome prices.

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Introducing: Blend Requests!

By poifox on Feb 24, 2012

We're releasing the very wanted Blend Requests on Blend Swap today! This has been a feature requested for quite a while. As Blend Swap's developer I've always known of this feature request, so this goes back at least one year, and now they have landed on the site!

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