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Don't Sue me Bro!!!!

By mofx on Sep 21, 2012

Help us, help you not get sued!! We've implemented a new feature in Blend Swap called Fan Art. Basically this is a checkbox that you click in your edit blend panel that adds the Fan Art Disclaimer. Please help us and yourself out and go through your models and mark any that have copyrights as Fan Art.

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We moved to new server!

By poifox on Sep 10, 2012

Once again we will be moving moved to a new server because our hosting provider was no longer supporting the plan we used. But fear not! We just got a brand new server and we're working right now to complete the process.

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By mofx on Jul 01, 2012

A little news about Version 5 of Blend Swap also why using fake emails will eventually be your downfall. Here is a snippet from the July Newsletter. This is also a good reason to check out the newsletter and give it a quick glance when it comes out.

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1 Million Views... SAY WHAT!!! .:UPDATE WINNERS:.

By mofx on Jun 04, 2012

WOW.... wow, I'm not sure what else to say, I knew we where close to hitting the 1 million mark, but it was still an amazement when I saw this. I can honestly say I never imagined Blend Swap getting this big, Never. So Thank You All for sharing your models, helping others, promoting the site and just for being all around awesome-sauce!!

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Fantasy Character Contest WINNERS!!!

By mofx on May 08, 2012

So I think the general consensus on this contest was "that was a beast to judge" so I want to give a big thanks to our judges

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