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New license supported CC-BY-NC-SA.

By poifox on Oct 10, 2013

CC-BY-NC-SAWe just added support for the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-SA, Adding a new possibility for artists to share their work on their own terms.

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Model Rejected.... WTF!!!!!

By mofx on Jun 04, 2013

We get a lot of models here at Blend Swap. On average you guys upload around 20 models a day. Unfotunately, a lot of those models get rejected for one reason or another and as is totally resonable, we also get a lot of "WTF, my model is better than some on the site", "Why was this rejected....?" and my personal favorite. "If you don't like this model, then close my account, I'm done."

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Redesign of the Blend Page

By mofx on Apr 17, 2013

Jonathan is working on redesigning the single blend pages. We're trying to add more emphasis on the artist and also help improve user experience, so the data that you're most interested in is easily visable. What do you guys think?

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