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October 26, 2013
Blender 2.68 and up
License: CC-BY
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Latest Change on 2014/01/16, 13:03:41
I've removed the "fan art" mention (t.o.s. is an open movie)

A re-use of the "Tears of Steel" quadbot for my "ground one" project. It's a first draft. Rendered with cycles.

I mainly hide som geometry from the original Quadbot (the eyes, some 'reactor' parts that are on the last layer where the 'trash' things are) The layers are managed the same way it was on the original file. But I totally redo the shaders and textures. Each of the 5 first layers have their own shaders and textures (rustpaint_L1 and Batchbake_L1 for Layer one, and so on...) so it's a bit messy but they did this to avoid merging the objects into one object driven by an armature. If they did that (what we usualy do by the way...) they won't be able to have some motion blur (armature deformed objects can't be rendered with cycles motion blur...) So I kept it that way.

There is some missing error texture message I can't get rid of but this isn't a problem for using or rendering the robot. I'll see if I can't remove it in the future...

Have fun !

(ps : you can see what I've done with it here : https://vimeo.com/76813235)


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