Vault Door


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  • July 26, 2013
  • Blender 2.68
  • Render: Cycles
License CC-BY
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This is a simple vault door, a one you'd find in a bank vault.

The door is fully animated. It has two locks, one controlling the dead-bolts inside and one controlling the smaller lock outside. Once you open the file, simply start animation to see the door in action. Or, alternatively, there are three empty objects immediately to the left of the door which control the opening of the door and two locks. The empties are labeled for your convenience. Simply rotate them along Z-axis to engage locks and open door. The animations are created using drivers and shape-keys.

The door is still low poly with subsurf modifier on it, so it can be used for a game or similar project. All the objects that have radial symmetry are created using arrays and empties as offsets, therefore making it easily editable. The lighting and material setup is created for Cycles rendering.